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What can I do with 50 to 100 old Cisco switches and routers?

As a side effect of a project at work I have been bequeathed a whole bunch of old Cisco switches and routers. Like 50 of each, mostly Catalyst 3550 switches and 2600 routers.

Selling them would probably be more trouble than it's worth. After setting aside a few to make my own Cisco learning lab, I can't really think of any cool, lucrative, or sustainable ideas, so I welcome yours.
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Sell the whole lot to a movie prop house. Or do a trade for something cool. Maybe give this guy a call, I can vouch that he would do a fair deal. http://www.rjrprops.com/about-us.html
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You can probably find someone to buy them in bulk at $20ish each, which would get you $2k, which isn't anything to sneeze at.

If you want to find them a good home, you might find a community college near you that offers Cisco certification and offer them for free to students there who wish to set up a home lab.

If you have a maker/hacker space near you, they'd probably also help with rehoming them.
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Whats in them? The routers. Some versions of CallManager used 2600 series hardware if memory serves. CallManager Express, probably. Still makes for a perfectly serviceable PBX/call center if you want to learn the Cisco peculiarities. Used desksets are cheap. Break em down into router+ switches sets suitable for a small/med office, if they have the right hardware (T1 WICs etc) and IOS.
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Rack them up in your house, plug a bunch of cables in, and don't answer any questions about them.
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Where are you? I might have someone I could poke, on the mostly West Coast US area. K12/libraries/remote-locations/etc. I'm not sure If they would be interested or not but might be.
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I'm on the east coast. Shipping would probably be a major hurdle, but let me know if you have further ideas.

Interesting thoughts so far, everyone. Thanks.
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