What kind of embroidery is this?
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I bought this shirt second hand and google is failing me. Is there a name for this type of embroidery or design?
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Soutache embroidery (more generally, see also "passementerie")
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So, I’m no expert, but I have always admired Hungarian embroidery. Check out some motifs from Kalotaszeg (also search for “Kolosz”) many of which have that distinctive black chain stitch. Also search for Mezosegi embroidery. A few years ago, Ukrainian and Suzani “ethnic” motifs were all the rage in fashion. So that might give you another clue. I hope this helps a little. Let us know if you find out for certain!
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Nudie Cohn, who invented the crazy country/western embroidery and rhinestone look was born in the Ukraine. His outfits are called Nudie suits.
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Oh my gosh, thanks everyone. I'm third-generation Eastern European and it's so nice to see all this beautiful stuff from my heritage.
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