Different City's Regional Hot Dogs in New York City?
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Where can i find different city's regional hot dog styles in NYC? I'm looking for things like a chicago style hot dog, detroit coney, maine red snapper, kansas City, washington DC half smokes, rockie dogs, michigan coney, cleveland polish boy, cincinnati coney, sonoran dog. Any other favorite regional hot dogs missing? Can i find them in New York?
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Seattle dog - cream cheese and grilled onions
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Wiki has an article on hot dog variations.
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Tortaria has Sonoran hot dogs.

Crif Dogs might have some approximations of local hot dogs.
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Harlem Shake has Sonoran dogs, and I think a lot of other places do as well.

Shack Shack has Shack-Cago dogs.
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You can get a really solid Chicago dog at Frankie's on the lower level of grand central. They have a bunch of other types too but as mentioned they have a Chicago dog so I have never tried them. I lived in Chicago for 15 years, the Frankies dog is solid.
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West Virginia does a version with cole slaw on top, but I'm not sure if you can get a good one in NY.
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Emmett’s on MacDougal does a Chicago-style hot dog.
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Note that being a KC native, I have never actually seen anyplace here serving what they call a KC dog. I question its validity.
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I grew up in Cincinnati and am amused to see that this place seems to offer a Cincinnati Night, including Skyline Coneys. Can’t vouch for it AT ALL. If you go, do get the Graeter’s black raspberry chip for dessert!
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Puerto Rican hot dogs are a thing. Several variations but they all have potato sticks and some sort of chili, IIRC.

Peru has salchipapas. I haven’t been there myself, but when I see it on menus in the states, it’s usually cut up hot dogs and French fries, doused in Peruvian green or orange sauce.

The aforementioned Seattle hot dogs should be additionally doused in sriracha.
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