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What do you call that type of exhalation, kind of like a sigh, but with the breath sort of pushed out tight against the back of the throat? Often happens after someone has a drink? Just wondering if there is an official term for it.
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Could you provide an audio example of what you mean? This could be an exhalation with a glottal stop, a voiced exhalation, or something more akin to "growl" (not sure of the formal term).
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I've been watching the live-action version of Wakakozake, a Japanese food show about a single girl who loves drinking and her 'catchphrase' is this type of exhalation after a particularly enjoyable first sip - the show translates it as "Pshuuu". The number of "u"s might vary depending on how good the drink is.

Here's the opening video which shows the sound:

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Probably not exactly it, but yoga breathing has the ujjayi breath, which is done by constricting the throat so that the air makes a hissing noise.
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Larry David's show Curb Your Enthusiasm had an episode about that noise ( "Palestinian Chicken"; Season 8, Episode 3). I don't recall if they named it.
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Yes it is the sound in akk2014's link although the particular variant I'm interested in is made with a closed mouth, kind of like an "Aaah" sigh but formed in the same way you'd make a grunt. I was trying to describe it to myself and couldn't even work out how to (as you can tell), let along give it an official name . Then I thought - there must be a name for this! Like "glottal sigh" or "aspirant grunt".
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sigh of satisfaction.
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Is it one of the first few of these? Phonetic Description of Annoying Sounds Teenagers Make (slyt)
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Is there an encyclopaedia of annoying sounds? Because I would read the hell out of that.
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Hang the DJ - Lenny's Ahhh Moments. So yeah, ahhh.
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