English news sources for non-predominantly English countries?
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Something that often frustrates me reading the newspaper or stories on the internet is that a majority of the "current serious issues" things are going to come from Western English-speaking countries. Can you recommend websites that provide English news about fairly non-English countries? (From my Australian perspective these include anywhere in Africa, Russia, India, Eastern Europe, so on.)
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English Russia isn't really a serious news site, but it's definitely interesting.
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Tico Times for Costa Rica and Central America.
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The Caravan for India. Long articles, but totally worth the time spent reading.
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General news sites?

Al-Jazeera is good generally
Pravda for Russia
The Times of India for India
The Jakarta Post for Indonesia
The Straits Times for Singapore (quite conservative though IMO)
The Post-Courier and The National for Papua New Guinea
Haaretz for Israel

The Arts and Letters Daily has a good list of international pubs on their left side bar:

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The International Herald Tribune. I have not tried to evaluate the web site, but the dead tree edition used to be the go to source for English news of non-English speaking places.
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Mainichi has an English section. I took a Japanese culture course once that required us to read articles here and contrast them to NYTimes articles on the same subject. Interesting exercise.
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Al Jazeera is essential reading.
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Kathimerini for greece.
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The New Straits Times for Malaysia
The Bangkok Post
The South China Morning Post for Hong Kong is excellent.
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http://www.euronews.com is pretty good to add to a mix of sites, not a great standalone, but more France / Germany /Belgium /EasternEurope etc than many.
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Also the New Light of Myanmar
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The BBC world news site is less focussed on English speaking countries than the main BBC news site.
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I wouldn't really recommend The Times of India for India - to my mind, The Hindu is the better newspaper. Seconding the Caravan. Quartz India is not bad as a source of aggregated news.
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South China Morning Post? I don't know much about it other than my HK friend sometimes emails me articles from it.
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Seconding The Hindu for India.

From the African continent,

The East African. The Star is one of my favourites.

The best news for Nigeria is Business Day. Ghana needs a bunch of websites but for an overview, browsing Ventures Africa is a good way to stay in touch.

For tech specific news, TechMoran from Kenya and TechLoy from Nigeria are better for regional news, VentureBurn and a host of others are all published out of South Africa and that tends to skew their perspective accordingly.

Nazret, Ethiopia

If you prefer Twitter, then here is a pretty good list of African news sources while this contains most of the media houses mentioned.

And YLE currently offers daily summaries in English for Finnish headline news.
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Francophone Africa can get a bit frustrating as their English language versions tend to lag behind the French. otoh, if you read french, then there are a couple of good locations which collate = Jeune Afrique and Afrik News
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There is a LOT of English-language media in India. When I was in India, I was able to pick up a newspaper anywhere and read about the news of the day in English, with no problem. The Times Of India is a good start, though there are others.
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I LOVE Global Voices, it's incredible.
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One of my go to: Al Jazeera English
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South China Morning Post? You soon run into a paywall.
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(Andean Air Mail &) Peruvian Times.
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In Brazil, one of the largest dailies, Folha de S.Paulo has a rather good English site. They have been quite good in covering this most recent presidential election cycle.
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I love Chile and The Santiago Times cover Chilean and South American news.
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http://www.buenosairesherald.com for Argentina.
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