Chuck, you sly dog...
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I've got ~5# of ~1" cubed chuck that I need to eat (or freeze) by dinner tomorrow. What should I make? Serves 4 (w/leftovers).

Yes, chili con carne is the obvious choice, but it's pushing 100 degrees outside, just the wrong season for that. I've got lots of fun culinary toys: sous vide, commercial wok (but see "too hot", supra), grill, smoker, smoking gun, searzall, etc...; nonetheless, I'm busy as hell tomorrow and would more or less like this to both cook itself (!) and garner rave reviews from la famiglia.

Don't fail me now, HiveMind!
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Best answer: Belgian beef stew with beer. I haven't made it in years so I can't recommend a specific recipe but there appear to be plenty online.
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Yes it's the latest new toy, but if you have an Instant Pot, you could get a great meal made quickly.
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Wait... is it in cubes, or is it cubed like cube steak?

If cube steak then country fried steak.
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Strogonoff? Shepard's Pie? Beef tacos?
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Best answer: Talked it over with my SO who is really good at this kind of thing and we agree on the following plan: marinate if you like tonight. Tomorrow night grill all the beef, get pitas and feta, tzatziki and some crisp onion and lettuce or whatever you want, olives maybe, and make beef gyros. Or any other grilled beef thing you like, tacos or skewers or what have ye. Save the leftover beef to scatter over salad for a light dinner or lunch the next day or two.
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Best answer: Belgian beef stew with beer. I haven't made it in years so I can't recommend a specific recipe

If you need a recipe for that, it's this one. It's not exactly seasonal, but it is exceptional. File it away for when you have this problem in wintertime.
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Do you have a meat grinder? Chuck is great for ground beef and that opens more options - burgers, picadillo, Bolognese...
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Slow cooker/pressure cooker and make barbacoa for tacos
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Best answer: crock pot beef stroganoff

4 qt crock pot
2 lbs stew meat/chuck/chuck roast/chuck-eye roast/chuck shoulder
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
1 onion sliced/chopped coarsely
1 bay leaf
1/4-1/2 tsp pepper (enough so that you can see the flakes in the dish)
8 oz cream cheese or sour cream

wide noodles (I prefer rice because it holds the sauce better and doesn't slide off like it does on noodles)

1) put in and stir all ingredients except last two for in crock pot for 8-9 hours on low or 4-5 hours on high
2) 45-60 minutes before serving, increase temperature to high and add pepper and cubed cream cheese (if you're using sour cream, add it 15-30 minutes before serving)
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Response by poster: Thank you, one and all.

Alas, I forgot: tonight we have dinner plans with two other couples and tickets to Paul Simon...

The meat. Was.

frozen. :(

My solemn vow is that I shall try each of your suggestions. One day. Before the sun implodes.
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halation, I made the recipe in your link with a bottle of Chimay Blue for dinner yesterday, and we had the leftovers tonight. I didn’t have super high expectations given how simple the recipe and ingredients were, plus I ended up pressure cooking the meat due to time constraints—but hot damn if it wasn’t exceptional, just as you said. My partner and toddler both agreed! Thanks for the recipe, will be going into rotation here at chez alleycat.
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