Chuck Norris says Have a Kick Ass birthday!
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What kind of birthday cake should I make for my Brother-in Laws 24th birthday.

I was thinking of decorating the cake with a Chuck Norris theme. He also likes Rap music,Aikido, working on trucks, Beer, Girls, Texas Country Music, and UFC Fights. I am probably going to make a round or square cake from a cake mix.
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Best answer: Clearly you need to make an octagon-shaped cake featuring Chuck Norris fighting 50 Cent. Jessica Simpson can be the girl that carries the round card in between rounds.
posted by Ufez Jones at 4:40 PM on October 4, 2007

Ooh, you could get a photo of Chuck Norris printed on one of those edible thingies they put on cake. And decorate the perimeter of the cake with faux blood (e.g. red translucent icing) and a slew of fallen executives and nuns, blown away by the sheer force known as Chuck Norris.
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Best answer: The cake should have only Chuck's beard on it, in chocolate sprinkles. Print out Chuck Norris facts on paper to go under/around the cake.
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If Chuck Norris consumes a yellow cake with "U-235" on the icing, his superhuman alimentary canal will shit out perfectly formed "rods" of processed fuel.
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