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Please give me all your best recipes that contain lots of milk.

I finally got around to getting whole milk (both raw and un-raw) from the local farmstand, and I'm in love. But when I search for recipes with milk, I only get things like cake where milk is just a minor ingredient. When I search for dairy recipes, it's all yogurts and butter. Please tell me how I can enjoy my milky milk milk goodness.


1. The one recipe I have that fits this bill is leek and potato soup MMMM
2. I am considering learning how to make my own cheese, so that is covered.

Thank you!
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Rommegrot, essentially a scandinavian pudding, which was always a treat at my grandmother's house.
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Ice cream!
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Tres Leches Cake

Don't worry, milk is major in this one. You'll need to make condensed and evaporated milk from your milk first.
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If you like sweets, Dulce de leche is pretty great, and uses a lot of milk. Then use it to make ice cream, with roasted pecans.
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And hot chocolate.
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Canada's dairy farmers put out an annual calendar with milk or dairy based recipes annually. You can see recipes going back to 1974 on the website. You can search and limit for recipes that include milk.

Dairy Goodness

Oatmeal Pancakes is probably my favourite, ooh or Tortellini Casserole.
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Pastry cream will use a quart or so, and then you can use it as a pudding or to fill pastry (heh), or cake filling, or ... whatever.
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You could do an Indian style milk pudding (kheer).
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Crema catalana uses milk (as opposed to crème brulée which uses cream).
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Chocolate cream pie is extra delicious with good milk (and good chocolate).
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There was a period of my life where I was making this chicken recipe every other week. It's quite good.
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I know you said you had cheesemaking covered, but paneer is so quick to make and so good in so many things. Paneer in 30 minutes! And then you can have Saag Paneer, or Palak Paneer! And Kadhai Paneer! And my personal favourite (with even more dairy) Paneer Makhani!

Maybe more appropriate for cold weather, but there's always homemade macaroni and cheese, Chicken (or turkey) Tetrazzini, or a classic chicken pot pie.

And Floating Island for dessert!
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Pork poached in milk
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I'm not sure exactly what gajar ka halwa is supposed to be like but I combined some recipes which called for raisins and substituted dried cherries and the cardamom, carrot, cherries, milk, and sugar combined into the best carrot salad anyone had ever had.

Paneer, the fresh farmer's cheese used in Indian cooking, is ridiculously simple to make once you've got the whole milk on hand. So if you like any of the dishes incorporating paneer it might be a good place from which to embark on your cheese odyssey. A decision to make is what you do with the leftover whey; I use it as a substitute for water in bread machine recipes, any of which it'll make slightly more sweet, but haven't found the killer app for it yet.

...and jinx on the paneer, halation.
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Seconding baked macaroni and cheese, and would also suggest banana pudding.
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Homemade cold brew coffee + fancy milk (+optional simple syrup) makes for a delicious iced latte. I can go through a LOT of it if I'm not careful (or if I don't need to sleep that night..).
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Panna cotta has to be one of the best ways to elevate great milk.
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Rice pudding
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Add yolks, sugar and potato starch for budyń. Flavourings optional.
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This cod poached in milk recipe is delicious, and probably just a few steps away from the potato and leek soup you're already doing.
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Corn chowder is killer in the summer, and seafood chowders in the winter. (Or whenever you like.)
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Make your own yogurt. It's much easier that you might think and takes only a few minutes of hands-on time. Fresh has a different texture and taste than store-bought, and you can adjust the flavor to your preference (less time=milder, more time=tangier). (And recipe if you have an Instant Pot.)
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I'm obsessed with this baked oatmeal recipe. Perfect as written but also infinitely customizable: strawberry-banana with 1/2 tsp almond extract subbed in for the vanilla is my most frequent alteration. Reheats well in the microwave, too.
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Muhallebi! Turkish rice milk pudding. It's very creamy and not too sweet. It's hard finding a recipe in english, but I use this one as a guide. You don't need rose water or anything fancy, add vanilla or another flavor of your choosing.
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I have a previously.

And yes, clam chowder. New England clam chowder, to be precise (I do not consider that tomato-based stuff to be chowder). You'll find a gabillion recipes for it, some of which will involve cream; there are many which have milk as the primary dairy ingredient, and this is okay. (Different parts of New England have different formulae; just say "oh, I'm going with northern Massachusetts style" or whatever if anyone pouts).
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Yum! All of my suggestions were made already so I'm adding +1 to custards, flans, tres leches cake, paneer, panna cotta.
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Biscuits and gravy! Cook sausage, fry a few tablespoons of flour in the fat, season as you wish, add milk (~1 cup per tablespoon of flour) and simmer while stirring until it thickens up. I usually use about 4-5 cups of milk for a pound of sausage.
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Oh, and adding: malabi. This was a delightfully light and comforting dessert that a friend and I discovered at an Israeli restaurant while on vacation.
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Kheer! Essentially a milky rice pudding!
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This layered pudding dessert is simple. I use only chocolate pudding.
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tres leches torta
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I like to parboil chicken in buttermilk before frying it-- just add a tbsp of vinegar per cup of milk. For a large batch I will sometimes use up to 4 cups. I put the chicken in the milk and let it sit overnight in the fridge, then boil it all up the next day until the chicken is mostly done. Remove the chicken and let it cool on a rack, then proceed with your flour and egg coating and fry it all up. Yum!
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Two kinds of Indian sweets that haven't yet been mentioned and can use a great deal of milk: The ones like peda that use khoa (milk reduced until it's a delicious fudgy puddle) and the ones like sandesh that use chhena (like paneer, a simple cheese produced by heating, adding an acid, and draining - save the whey; it's great for soup or breadmaking). A lot of the recipes on the web use shortcuts of milk powder or sweetened condensed milk, but there's a nice collection of from-scratch ones in Lord Krishna's Cuisine, many of which I've made with success.
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Chocolate Pudding (or even better: frozen chocolate pudding pops)!
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I know someone already linked to chocolate pudding. If you love chocolate, you want this recipe:
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Scrambled Eggs
Mac & Cheese
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