Looking for a bar in Copenhagen to watch the Iceland-Argentina match.
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My wife and I are going to be in Copenhagen on June 16th; can anyone recommend a bar to watch the Iceland-Argentina World Cup match at?

I'm sure it'll be on all over the place but if anyone has any particularly good/suitable/exciting bars to recommend that would be much appreciated! Also, is there any sort of football rivalry between Denmark and Iceland and would we be likely to attract any ire for openly rooting for Iceland?
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First of all, probably all Danes will be Icelanders that day ;-)
Second, I know there is a place or maybe a couple where Icelanders gather in Copenhagen. It may be Skarv, in Pilestræde 43. I'm not 100% certain, but I'm certain the Skarv-people will know what you should do. They don't seem to have a website, but they do have a FB-page where you could write to them. My Islandic friend and colleague is on holiday, when she comes back I'll try to remember to ask.
Have a great trip!
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I know a bunch of Icelanders here in Copenhagen, I'll ask them. If you don't hear from me in this thread, send me a memail.

Pub & Sport has multiple screens and will probably be showing all of the games. Depending what other games are on, this place could be full of Icelanders as it is practically on the Town Hall Square and pretty well known.

In my experience from previous World Cups, supporting a team other than Denmark is not a problem at all and won't cause any aggro whatsoever. Denmarks football rivalry is with Sweden, and Swedish fans walk the streets of Copenhagen, quite peacefully, when the two teams meet here.

It's all very civised and "hyggelig," unlike in the UK where my brother was beaten up a few World Cups back, for daring to wear a Brazil shirt on the streets of Liverpool.
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Best answer: Word on the street is that if you want to watch the Iceland matches you should turn up at Nordatlantens Brygge (page in Danish). The game will be shown on an outdoor screen and food and beer will be available. The area will open two hours before match kick-off. It's very near to the Icelandic Embassy.
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According to the linked page the football showings are being arranged in cooperation with the Icelandic Embassy to commemorate 100 years of Icelandic sovereignty.
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