Range hoods in Philadelphia area
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My wife and I are buying a house and one of the things that we want to do before moving in is to replace the recirculating hood with one that vents outside. What stores in the Philadelphia area can I go to actually turn on some hoods to see how loud they are? I'm in center city but willing to drive out to the suburbs if that if there are no closer options.
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I've held off answering because I'm a long way from Philly so can't advise on a bricks and mortar store. I can tell you that fan noise is measured in sones. I'd stay away from anything over 2; 1 sone is better. Go lower if you can. When I renoed my kitchen I put in a Broan/Nutone Allure III. At its lowest setting you could forget it's on. At its highest (of four) it could suck the chrome off a passing car's bumper, and sounds like a jet taking off. I really like it.
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Gerhards in Glenside, and it's probably close to a bus line (or taxi from Glenside station).
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Lowe's or Home Depot, both in S.Phila, easy bus ride from CC
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