Rochester Restaurant Recommendations?
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What's new and exciting in the Rochester, NY dining scene that would be good for a date night?

I grew up in Rochester, wife did not. We'll be up there this weekend visiting family, and will hopefully have a night out to ourselves. I haven't lived there for over a decade and only get back a couple times a year. Last few times we've been up there we've ended up at places I'm pretty familiar with (i.e., been around a long time), so I'm hoping to find something new this time. All cuisines are fair game, but would prefer someplace that isn't super loud and crowded.
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Best answer: So what you're saying is Nick Tahou's is out.
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Best answer: My son just finished up his junior year at U of R and EVERY SINGLE TIME we visit, he makes us go to the hot pot place, Yummy Garden. Don't know if you've been, but it's really really good. I mean, it's not fancy but it's delicious. Every time we've been it's been busy but not ridiculously crowded and I don't think it's loud.
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Best answer: Bitter Honey is a fairly new place. Food and drinks were delicious and the place felt industrial, yet cozy at the same time. We had an enjoyable date night there.
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Best answer: If you like Mexican food, Maria's is one of the best I have found outside of the Southwest. But it's in Webster, about 10 miles east of Rochester. On the other hand, this keeps it rather quiet.
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Best answer: We enjoy Cure, which is near the public market (like Bitter Honey). The Revelry has really great cocktails and appetizers. Nosh has expensive and overly rich comfort food. The Owl House has a very dependable mix of vegetarian and non-veg. The best place for hot dogs and/or a "plate" is Dogtown on Monroe ave. The Genesee Brewhouse has a balcony overlooking the falls near downtown, and is within walking distance of the nice pedestrian bridge right there, too. Lento has intense nouveau cocktails and very good local-ish cuisine. Do not believe anyone who tries to tell you there's a decent Mexican restaurant in Rochester. Sticky Lips BBQ was better than Dinosaur BBQ for quite a few years, but serving sizes and quality were both down on my last visit.
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Best answer: Good Luck
Ox and Stone
Han Noodle Bar
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Best answer: Shengjing Garden on Park is new and supposed to be very good.
Khong on Winton for Thai
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Best answer: I'll second down on Ox and Stone, and as a native Angeleno, I'll counter the comment that "there is no decent Mexican in Rochester". Ox and Stone is great. It isn't great cantina or street fare, but it's really delicious fresh modern Mexican fare. Lento is good, Revelry is good, Branca (in Bushnell's basin, I haven't been to the one downtown) is really good. I've heard good things about Brooklyn Ramen, but I haven't tried anyplace new and fun since my son was born :p
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Best answer: annabear, did you ever try Rio Tomatlan in Canadaigua? That might be a good night out...and for you too, OP!
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Response by poster: Great suggestions all around, which I'll have to keep in mind for multiple visits to come.

So what you're saying is Nick Tahou's is out.

Haha, yeah, probably not this time around, although Dogtown is on my list to try during an upcoming visit.

Ox and Stone

And here's where I admit that Ox and Stone is the one new restaurant I actually have been to, and I agree it's great.

Rio Tomatlan in Canadaigua

That looks amazing, and Canandaigua is my personal happy place, but I'm not sure we'll get down there this weekend. Will definitely keep it in mind next time I make it out there.

Han Noodle Bar

And that may be the winner right there.
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