What does this symbol look like to you?
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I got myself this neat pendant, but I'm a little worried someone might look at it and think it means something it doesn't. When you look at it, what do you think it means? Spoilers inside.

It's actually a Discordian Mandala, and I got it because HAIL ERIS! , but it's also just a neat little design, and I really hope it doesn't mean white-power or something, or if everyone's first thought on seeing it is "Oh, pentagrams. She must be a Wiccan" or "Is that an ISIS thing??"
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The thing about most white power symbolism is that it's rarely subtle and it's pretty easy to indicate that you're not a racist through basically any other iconography that would counter that impression. To me that looks like some sort of rose or mandala pattern and not like anything crypto-racist.
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It definitely looked like a modern stylized mandala to me, which is I guess exactly what it is. Possibly also something lotus-y or rose-y, but nothing overtly bigoted or associated with christianity. I think you're good.
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A rose. It’s pretty. Enjoy it!
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I don't recognize it as anything in particular other than a pleasant geometric design. You'll be fine.
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I looked at the photo before clicking through and thought it was a stylized flower of some sort.
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I am someone who spends a lot of time looking at symbols people wear and wondering about their significance and I would not read anything into it except perhaps that you might be into some sort of less-prevalent religion or into hippie spiritualism etc. I might consider Wiccan practice as one of the options but it doesn't read as clearly anything unless you know what a Mandala is, to me at least.
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Looks like a rose to me.
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I thought it evoked the image of a lotus, but I’ve been primed with a lot of Buddhist concepts lately.
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It reminds me of Persian/Islamic patterns like this one but also the Tudor rose. I don't think it looks like a pentagram or even Celtic.
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I clicked on the photo first before even reading any of the other comments and instantly thought it was a rose.
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My first thought was “mathematical secret society”. Take that for what you will.
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That last thread you linked just goes to show that some people will freak out about literally anything, so there is certainly someone out there who is going to freak out about this pendant, too. Fuck 'em! Wear what you want.
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My first impressions were:


"stylized Jewish Star of David"

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I thought “rose” too.
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Tudor Rose.
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I thought "rose," as well.

ISIS...why even...?
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My first impressions were "it's a flower" and "I guess they like math".
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I would presume it was a stylised flower.
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Rose or lotus
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Another vote here for stylised rose.
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It says lotus to me, which says Buddhism, not Discordianism.

I guess this is signifying all kinds of different things to people. Under any other circumstances, I'd say this would be a pretty lousy emblem of your religion if all it does is sow confusion as to what it represents.

However, in this case, 👍
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There's a thing called the "Flower of Life" that it reminds me of, a little bit (images). It has connotations of yoga for me; maybe it's a logo for some yoga pants brand or something. I think you're safe :)
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Stylized rose.
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If I encountered someone wearing the pendant and if noticed it at all (big, big "if") and if I was further pressed about it, I might guess it was something either a) about math or b) from some kind of science fiction franchise, and I would never, ever ask about it for fear of having to feign interest in either one for the next half hour. Something nebulously New Age would be my next guess, in which case I would also ignore it but with a greater sense of urgency.

Also, it's pretty!
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Rose Mandala.

I haven't seen it associated with anything unsavory the way some Norse/Futhark stuff has with white nationalism. The worst I've seen is hippy/yoga fanatics.
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I would totally wear it. It’s pretty!
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Thanks everyone! :) I really appreciate it!
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My first thought was rose, and Margaery Tyrell. I would assume you were a nerd who is probably into fantasy/sci-fi at the very least, but I'm not sure if that's 'cause of the design or just 'cause of some stereotype that I have about who wears big symbolic-looking pendants around their neck. I would also remain open to that not being the case.
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I instantly recognized it as the Discordian mandala, as you said, so it should be nicely obvious to followers of the Best of All One True Religions.

... That's gorgeous. I want one. I have a carved Hand of Eris, but not a mandala. (I do not need one; I have Discordian jewelry that I don't wear because I basically don't wear jewelry; I don't need more pretties to clutter up boxes and get lost just before I want to wear them for something official and religious. But it's lovely; thanks for showing it off.)
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I thought it was the Carpenter Brut logo at first, because Carpenter Brut is excellent.
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