Downloading multiple Thunderbird attachments
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Downloading multiple Thunderbird attachments question inside.

(Something similiar was asked previously here but I didn't see a suitable response. The one response which related to Thunderbird seemed to have misunderstood the question.)

The question: Say someone sends me 20 seperate emails, each with at least one or more jpg attachments. Is there a way to, with one fell swoop, download/save all the attachments into a folder all at once, without having to go through opening each email one by one in order to save the attachments?

I don't know if there is some built in function that can already handle this which I am not aware of, or if there is perhaps in extention, similiar to Firefox's "Download Them All" feature for the web... anything along those lines would be suitable.

If it matters, I'm on Windows XP, Thunderbird version 1.0.
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I thought there was a right-click -> Save All option either in the message attachment pane or somewhere else.
posted by kcm at 2:43 PM on February 7, 2006

kcm: That's saving all the attachments on a single email. The question is about single attachments on many emails.
posted by matthewr at 2:51 PM on February 7, 2006

Response by poster: The save-all option is there when I open and right click on an individual email, but not when I try to do it to more than one email at a time. I'm looking for the easiest way to bulk save/download from mulitiple emails all at once.
posted by RoseovSharon at 2:53 PM on February 7, 2006

Perhaps ThunderStor could be used to extract the attachments from your Thunderbird mail file?
posted by matthewr at 2:53 PM on February 7, 2006

Best answer: Sorry, I misread.. here you go, then. More here.
posted by kcm at 2:54 PM on February 7, 2006

Response by poster: Thanks kcm, EvilJeff's "Attachment Extractor" looks perfect. Installing now....!

If anyone knows of any other tricks that might already be built into to Thunderbird for this purpose, I'd still like to hear it.
posted by RoseovSharon at 3:01 PM on February 7, 2006

Response by poster: Thanks matthewr, "ThunderStor" looks good too, although it seems to do a lot more than I actually need it to.
posted by RoseovSharon at 3:02 PM on February 7, 2006

Agreed, I think kcm's suggestion pretty much fits the bill.
posted by matthewr at 3:12 PM on February 7, 2006

Response by poster: Yup, I've now installed and used the "Attachment Extractor" suggested by kcm (after upgrading my Thunderbird to 1.5), and it works like a charm. Thanks again!
posted by RoseovSharon at 3:15 PM on February 7, 2006

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