Surprise Surprise, what should I write on our gift-wrapping stickers?
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I'm tasked with designing our custom gift wrapping elements for our online shop selling botanical accessories. I want to order large stickers to finish the look, with a fun saying on it. This look is similar to what I have in mind. What should the sticker say? I would love something that works for any occasion/recipient, and bonus point for something related to plants, growing things, green things.

So far i only have "Surprise Surprise" and the aforementioned "you are gonna love this", i'm curious to what the hive mind suggests!
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By botanical accessories do you mean tools and similar for gardeners? Or accessories for clothing on a botanical theme? Not sure if these stickers are going on trowels and twine, or flowery clutch purses
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Response by poster: Sorry, I should have been more precise. I mean things like vases and tools and seeds, but mostly small, higher end products you're not likely to find in a nursery or garden center. We also sell a very small selection of special plants. Looking forward to your suggestions!
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- One to grow on
- Your friends will be green with envy
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Best answer: "Dig this"
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Spoiler: It's green.
Garden Variety Present
Oops; a daisy!
Enclosed: Seeds of happiness
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Best answer: Play in the dirt
Bloom where you're planted
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Time to stop and smell the flowers!
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The grass is always greener where you water it
Tend the garden of your soul (or heart)
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Best answer: Let it grow
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Grow. Live. Blossom.
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Blooming perfect!
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Lucky You.

As a customer, I would not want any words, so maybe some pretty stickers that are a snazzy color or a punctuation mark. My store's gift wrap was dark blue with whatever ribbon color we liked at the time and an embossed silver sticker, but this was 30 years ago when the options were fewer.
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Green me up, Scotty!

That’s pretty terrible, sorry. I’m loving other people’s suggestions! Especially “dig it”; that’s pretty cute.
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Just saw this on another: "It's time to get excited."

Not quite plant-y, but maybe it will spark an idea.
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Happiness, peace, joy
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"this whole experiment of green--"
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I like:

Not Your Garden Variety Present.

... with h/t to Carmicha for the inspiration
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Plant kindness, gather love.
Bloom where you're planted.
Gardeners have the best dirt.
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