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Is there something that will let me post to multiple social networks from one interface? Ideally there's a program/app that I can create my post in and it will post it like a native post in each chosen media?

Ideally it would for example, tag people correctly for the interface I'm on (so find, say, Bobs Burgers both as @bobburgers on Insta but @burger-of-the-day on tumblr). If it also gave me options like following or liking people I've tagged and things like that it would be amazing.

If that's not possible, which is the best direction to go, populate from insta to FB and tumblr? Or the other way round? Start off in Twitter?

With regards to video I would like to twitch some IRL stuff and have it back-up as video to facebook and youtube, doable?

If the answer to this is to run if-this-then-that scripts is there a flow that makes more sense? Like "when I take a picture do this" or "when I post to insta do that" or should I be composing stuff somewhere else entirely and letting ITTT create posts from my emails or from a wordpress or something?

I realise the same content isn't appropriate for every audience but there's some stuff I do want to push out to all my people who I am in contact with in different ways. How can I make my life more simple.
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Hootsuite is the number one app in this space. It will post your content to multiple platforms and has a ton of features such as scheduled posting and so on.
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Buffer is another option.
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I think Buffer is actually better than Hootsuite.
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Instagram's app will allow you to simultaneously post the photo to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

On those occasions I've set it up, I've had links and text going from Facebook to Twitter and Tumblr.

Tumblr has some autopost integrations with Facebook and Twitter in its settings.
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