What Video Doorbell Should I Get in Canada?
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I am getting two video doorbells for my new house, which one should I get? I am in Canada (Toronto) where it can get cold. I understand that not all video doorbells work well in the cold.

I was thinking of getting some security cameras for my new house but on further thought have decided that video doorbells at the front and side doors will do about the same and probably be a lot more useful.

I was about to order two Ring doorbells but then I did some searching and it seems like the Nest Hello is better but the operating temperature's lower limit is -10C and it will get below that during the winter. People on Reddit have said that it seems to be working for them in colder temperatures so that I should probably be OK but I'd have to have to put in a new doorbell when it's -20C outside because the existing ones aren't working.

Also I am not wedded to either of these doorbells so if there are other doorbells that are better I'd just as happily go with one of those. Nothing else in the house is going to be smart.
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I've been happy with my Ring doorbell here in Montana, where we have temperatures of -30F on occasion. Mine is not hard-wired, and the only negative effect of sub-zero temperatures is that I have to recharge it more often during those times. And by "more often" I mean maybe once a month instead of once every few months. Otherwise, no issues.
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I just got the Nest Hello a few weeks back and have enjoyed it. Luckily we don't get much colder than -10C here, but I suspect the sunlight and the radiant heat from being attached to the house would push us off the edge from that absolute low. Guess I'll see how it fares in a couple of months when we dip back into winter.
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I live a lot more north than you in Canada and my ring doorbell pro still works even when it’s -30C outside. Still going strong after a couple winters.
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