Price be damned, what is the best adjustable standing desk these days?
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I have some of my employer's money to spend (around 1200 bucks), and would like to get the fanciest standing desk in that price range. I have a seriously messed up back and many PTs have recommended a standing desk, but I definitely need one that will allow me to sit on occasion. Motors are a plus. It can be thing that you stand on an existing desk (that would be ideal, actually) but it needs to have room for 2 monitors, at least. What do you think, hivemind? I'm supposed to spend this money by Tuesday, but there is a little leeway...
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Best answer: The Fully Jarvis comes recommended by the Wirecutter. My husband has had one for about 6 months and had been quite happy with it. It comes unassembled but is easy to put together.

That said, my understanding is that most standing desk frames are manufactured by a single company in China; the Jarvis is extremely similar to the standing desks my husband and I use at our (different) workplaces. So you may be fine buying from any reputable company.
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Meant to add that the Wirecutter usually has an "upgrade" recommendation. The fact that they don't suggests to me that there isn't really one.
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I have a Hermann Miller sit-stand that works fantastic, though it’s very expensive (my office gets a huge HM discount.) We did a lot of testing and here are some pointers:

1. Electric is required if you want to adjust it frequently; the crank style take so long that you’ll never change it once it’s set.
2. Monitor stands are also critical to get the screen at the correct height in both sitting and standing positions.
3. Tabletop power is really useful to prevent cord stretching for phones etc
4. I didn’t like the tabletop models because I usually have a lot of drawings and notes I need to look at while I work and having the rest of the desk at a different level was a pain.

If you can get to a showroom first that would be best. Sit stands are awesome and once you have one you’ll never go back.
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The bloggers at BTOD seem to know their way around a standing desk. Here's their list of Best Electric Standing Desks. The top desk on that list under your price ceiling is their own VertDesk v3. I don't actually own one, though.

They have a comparison test with the Fully. They seem very concerned (possibly too much) with stability.
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I just out fitted a new office with electric standing desks with returns from poppin. Everyone is super happy with the extra space the returns offer.
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Best answer: I have a Jarvis, that I've used nearly daily for 3 plus years now and have been very happy with. Some folks have concerns about the stability, I've never had an issue, but I'm also not that tall (5'2"). If you're going to be extending it to the max height it's worth trying out in person if you can. I usually have at least 2 laptops and an external monitor on it. I did have an issue with the control switch recently, I'm pretty sure it was damaged when the carpet was shampooed (i.e. my fault), but Fully replaced it for free no questions asked.
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I've got a bekant from ikea (ya i know). It's in their pro office line so sturdy and 10 year warranty including motor. It's got the widest range of any i looked at. They have in left and right return as well as two sizes of straight desk. I love mine and change heights all day. I even do a tall goos for posture setting while sitting. It's made a big difference for backpain in my life.
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I was on the fence about standing desks, because I actually like to sit more than stand - but I do stand sometimes. The people with the adjustable gizmos seem happy, but I think the ones we have are fiddly and don't work very well as sitting desks.

Then I inherited a new workspace (by the Huge! Window! All by myself!) and the previous owner was a genius. The desk top is counter-top level, and has a barstool-height adjustable chair. So when I want to stand, I just do that, or I can sit up in my high chair, which is as comfy and supportive as any other office chair. And the chair lowers to normal chair height when I want to spin it around and have a meeting at my conference table. (My conference table!)

Anyway, if you're in one of the cube-farm type places with the dividers, look and see if you can just raise the table-top height and get a high chair with the money.
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Best answer: I’ll throw another one on the pile for the Fully Jarvis. I’ve had mine since late last year and have had no problems. It looks great and works great! My fiancé also has one and he’s the taller of us at 5’9” and hasn’t had any height complaints!
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Best answer: Get a Jarvis with bamboo top. I like the looks but this is mostly a practical consideration: The ply bamboo is one of the most durable, rigid, waterproof options, and is lighter and thinner than solid MDF. You will have to try hard to drive the price over $700. Use the remaining money for functional accessories, such as a monitor stand, standing mat and/or good desk chair (the Capisco chair line is pretty great, with the caveat that while there's a lot of accommodation for people who tend to fidget and shift positions, the chairs really force you into an upright posture).

If you are only focused on getting the desk, the hardwood models start at $1k. I've never seen one in person, so I don't have much to say about them.

I have a 48" wide bamboo Jarvis and it fits two 28" monitors side by side. YMMV, depending on bezel width and how much extra room you want. There is typically about 50 pounds of weight on my desk and the motor shows no difficulty with lifting or lowering.

You can also get Jarvis frames and supply your own top(s) if you have a preferred configuration or have a good source for cheap table surfaces. There's a lot of leeway in fitting tops, as long as you have the means to attach them securely.
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No motor here, but my office has Multitables - - it's a desk with a crank that lets you adjust it to any height. I alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day (I also have a bad back that & my PT told me the same thing).
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I use an Ergotron WorkFit sit/stand desk with a dual-monitor mount, on top of the desk I already had. It's comfortable to use standing and sitting, has space to spread out papers while standing, and is easy to move up and down (no cranking, just pinch both sides and move to whatever height you want). Whatever you end up with, spend some of that money on a good anti-fatigue floor mat!
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I have the IKEA one and I can't think of needing anything else. It goes up, it goes down, all at the push of a button.
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Backing q*ben that you should get an adjustable VESA dual monitor mount— you'll likely want position adjustability in excess of what the monitors themselves provide. I've used reams of copy paper as risers before which is both not ideal and ugly; if your employer is committing to ergonomics then monitor position is also really important.

Also, do you already have ergonomic peripherals?
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Best answer: I too have a bamboo top Jarvis (72x30", rectangular, with grommets and wireways). I've been incredibly happy with it. It's pretty stable when I have it up to 49.4", especially compared to most other standing desks I've tried, and with two monitors on a stand, there is quite a bit of usable space.
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