Lyrics and translation of a Hopi song I would like to learn
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I would like to sing this song while understanding what it is about, so I'd be grateful for any pointers. The credits show Alph Secakuku as the singer, but I haven't yet found this recording elsewhere. I am also trying to contact him... but I thought I'd try here, too.
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I was hoping that the Hopi Nation website had a good contact to connect people from outside the Nation with information about the Hopi language, but no such luck. The closest I found was the public relations office, as the rest of the contacts are for services to the Nation.
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Trevor Reed is a Hopi musician/musicologist who might be able to offer some valuable guidance here. Maybe ask him?
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Thanks, dr. boludo, I'll try that.
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No luck as yet, Trevor Reed didn't write back, neither did the singer, so still unresolved.
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