Article about developing taste as a prerequisite to developing skill?
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Within the past couple of years, I read an article about building skills in creative fields. The main point was that you start by developing taste, and then there is a period where your own work falls short of your standards, but with enough effort you can reach a point where you are satisfied with your own work. Anyone know the source?
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Best answer: Is it the Ira Glass quote in this article?
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Response by poster: Yes! Thanks!
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Hey this is just a small addition, maybe tangential but I think it could help...

In my teacher training one of the models we use in the consciousness / competence matrix.

People start off unconsciously incompetent at a new skill. Unaware that they can't do it. Example would be Mr Trump thinking everything is easy!

Next comes conscious incompetence. You try the tools and techniques, and begin to realize you are shit at it! This might relate to that initial point of developing taste and realizing your own work does not come up to your own standards.

Then, as you begin to learn, conscious competence. You need to work attentively and with intent, and can begin to perform successfully.

And, as you fully internalize these skills, unconscious competence. You can "just do it" without a lot of careful thought and planning. Master level artists and musicians, for example, or very experienced teachers.

Hope it is useful!
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