To me, my lounge pants!
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Want lounge pants for those days when I get off work and do not want to be in normal human clothes. Or when it's the weekend and screw normal human clothes. Details for dream lounge pants inside.

I want them to have pockets. Fun patterns or colours would be double plus forever bonus. Available in Canada. Decently priced. I like a loose fit.

I have yoga pants. I have pajama bottoms. But I want lounge pants. Sits on the waist, loose around the leg, kind of louche.

Find me my lounge pants, AskMe!
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Best answer: Punjammies?
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listen, I have spent a lot of time thinking about lounge pants, and I'm here to tell you there are lots more variables you need to decide on before suggestions can usefully be evaluated.

WARMTH: like sweatpants? or like t-shirt material? or like loose light cotton or rayon?

ANKLE: loose or elasticized?

WAIST: drawstring or elastic? Personally I hate drawstring and that's 80% of what's out there so if you don't like them either, your choices become clearer.

LENGTH: full length or capri?


Your perfect lounge pant is out there but you must narrow it down!
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Best answer: Does the Serious Pant fit your definition of "loose fit"? Maybe not, but they are stretchy and comfortable and have pockets. Prints are available special order through Tuesday. Other print options right now. Definitely Canadian. Very well made.

They retired their lounge pant design but you can contact them for options and pricing on retired designs.
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Response by poster: WARMTH: warm ones for winter, cool ones for summer

ANKLE: loose

WAIST: elastic

LENGTH: no capris, full length only!
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Best answer: I'm a big fan of cotton gauze or linen for my lounge pants (I live in a warm climate). I have several pairs of these pants from Macy's. And some of their designs are a bit out there, but I like Oh My Gauze too.
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Grandma Pants? Fleece pants with pockets in any ridiculous pattern you can imagine.
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Are you in straight sizes? Petites? Plus?
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now we're getting somewhere. So for winter, these are very good, though not perfect because no pockets. Nice broad, flat elastic top, warm fleece, and a comfortable, not-too-high-not-too-low rise. And so cheap! But, no pockets.
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Best answer: Uniqlo
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Have you ever tried Thai style fishermen's pants? They're drawstring waist rather than elastic and not all have pockets, but are beloved by some of my friends for casual wear around the house.
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Response by poster: Have you ever tried Thai style fishermen's pants? They're drawstring waist rather than elastic and not all have pockets, but are beloved by some of my friends for casual wear around the house.

I'm listening. Source for shopping?
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I’m not a big Roots aficionado but I wait until their sweatpants go on sale and pretty much live in them on the weekends. I noticed they have something called a Kelby Jogger in the women’s section? Sort of elevated sweatpants it looks like.
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Lands' End ships to Canada...and these still have full size pockets!
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You can find the fishermen's pants on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon as well as other stores. The trick is finding them with pockets - they're loose enough that they're generally unisex.
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How loose do you want your ankles? I am a big fan of jogger-type sweatpants for lounging, but that is mostly so I can walk the dog without the hems getting wet/muddy. Otherwise they are loose and comfy and usually have pockets.

Anyway, if joggers are ok, my favorite pair came from Target. I think these are the ones I have.
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LL Bean perfect Fit pants. Misnomer, they are stretchy and comfy. They come in Petite and Misses. I have a pair that I kind of live in. No fun patterns, but it took me a while to recover from seeing the grandma pants. I am a Grandma and I do not endorse some of those patterns. I also have a pair of JJill. capri length sweat pants that are comfy and versatile. And pockets. duh.
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Ardene has incredible soft track pants with patterns for like $20. Visit them in the mall- there are better patterns in store than online.
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Have you checked La Vie en Rose? They have a great loungewear section. I recently bought 3 nice lounge sets from there.
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I thought the person who linked uniqlo above was linking to these, but they were not, so I'm doing it just in case. If you're looking for a warm weather option you should get the drape pants. I own three and they ideal--elastic waistband with a tie, light, comfy, opaque, ankle length.
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Oh sorry, they aren't loose ankle but you really don't notice it and the elastic ankle looks very hip. Sometimes I wear them out in the summer as a relaxed outfit
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I like the sonoma ultimate lounge pant from Kohls. They sit well on a women's waist, have pockets and are generally very comfortable. They say pajama and sleep and lounge. While I admit to having jogged and yogaed in them, they really are the for doing nothing on the couch or bed. I own multiple pairs.
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Seconding Punjammies!! I have three pairs (just got a Capri pair with facing old edging for my birthday, very excited to rock them, and you better believe I’m wearing them out and about, too - they’re beautiful!)

They fit the descriptions for your warmer weather wear, and they are a great cause.
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Yeah, Uniqlo.
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I like scrubs (scrub pants) for this purpose! Lightweight, super comfy, pockets. Elastic waist or drawstring. Many colors and/or patterns. Cheap as chips, wash well, soft. You can wear them out to the store or whatever and nobody bats an eye. They're not typically very warm so perhaps less good for Canadian winters, but otherwise tick all of your boxes!
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Seconding scrubs: cheap, virtually indestructible, can be washed on hotter-than-bastard-hell setting and they come out fine. Not super warm, as they're meant for indoor wear. Avida Healthwear make 'em in Canada.

Yes, I'm a bloke, and scrub pants are my default cut aboot the hoose choice. Don't @ me.
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