Liberal, inspiring Easter-themed sermons in podcast form
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Can you recommend a podcast that consists of good recordings of sermons? My girlfriend missed Episcopal services this morning and would like a replacement.

We found this: but the Easter one (from last year) is a little short.

Any denomination is fine, I think we're looking for something a little more traditional/scripture focused than what we'd get from the Unitarians, while still politically progressive. We want actual sermons, not conversations about religion. It'd be nice if the recording quality was decent.

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I serve a "purple" congregation of the ELCA in Northern New Jersey. I post my sermons online usually a day or two after Sunday. The recording is done by my iphone. They're available in podcast form but you can also just view them here.

You can listen to the Easter sermon I delivered a couple of hours ago here. If you'd rather just read the manuscript, it's here.
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There is very high quality video here. (It starts at 3:07)
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I am a member of a very progressive Episcopal Cathedral. We have literally dozens of justice ministries.

Here is my awesome bishop's list of sermon podcasts. He is one of the funniest and most dynamic preachers I have ever heard. And here is my church's sermon page - you can read them, listen to podcasts, whichever you prefer. Enjoy!
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Old South Church in Boston is progressive and has already posted today's which was scriptural and also a pretty solid exhortation for everyone to go out and protest.
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I forgot to mention that we also are live streaming our services, if she wants to get a virtual church fix.
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