“Replace 60 months” on First Alert smoke detector, but no beep?
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I have a First Alert SCO7 smoke/carbon monoxide detector, built in June 2011. It tests just fine. On the back, it says that it will give a specific warning beep when it reaches the end of its life, yet “replace unit after 60 months” is printed next to it. Aren’t these units supposed to last 7-10 years? Why would it say this?
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They are engineered to last for 10 years, but the ANSI/UL2034 specifications that came into effect in the US in 2009 require that there is an end-of-life warning after a certain amount of time. Perhaps yours isn't set for 60 months as labelled - it could be as much as twice that.
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Every CO detector I've owned has gone out shrieking at 2-3 am after 6-7 years. The label's telling you that if you replace it at 5 years, it'll still be in useful life and you'll avoid one of the worst frights of your life.
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