House has ADT security/monitoring - alternatives?
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Moved recently. The house ADT system already installed. Don't like ADT - what are my options?

Moved into a new house in February. ADT is installed.

After a less than customer friendly phone call and home visit, just to tell me prices (which seemed high, given I already own the hardware), I want to know what my options are.

Items of note. Cats + toddler in the house. Sliding back door. Lots of 'low' windows. House is in a safe area - as much as any area (some people don't lock doors.)

Right now, I mostly want the security of monitoring, even if it's illusionary. Over the next year, I'll begin to implement things to make the house more secure itself.

Do I have alternatives who can use the ADT hardware? Any of them good/bad? I'd like to avoid doing DIY, finding the time will be difficult for a large project.

(I'll be looking in on this thread - so if you have questions, let me know!)
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The latest trend is in cellular based wireless systems. SimpliSafe is one that has been getting a lot of press. The monitoring fees are half that of ADT. (I have ADT, and m looking to switch to a. lower my fees, and b. drop my land line.) They have pretty expensive up front costs... NOTE: If you already have the alarm system you may be able to use another monitoring service besides ADT. I believe all it takes is re programming the phone number the system calls.
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We moved into a house with an ADT system and had a local alarm company replace it with a (Honeywell) system of their own. They were able to reuse all the existing wiring and sensors and just replace the keypad and main panel. YMMV if you have wireless sensors, though, which are typically incompatible between brands of system.
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I've been using SimpliSafe (without using their cellular network) for almost three years now. I'm a big fan. They are responsive and great about replacing parts or broken items.
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FrontPoint Security is highly rated and they have very good customer service.
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Also be aware that in many parts of the country, all the alarm companies have started requiring a 3-year contract, after which they throw in the hardware for free. So switching may be trivial, unless you don't want to stay there for long...
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If you already have an existing system AlarmRelay is $9/mo (year pre-paid) for landline security system. Extras like Cellular backup / Wifi cost extra.

Very basic central station monitoring and I got it for insurance more than being able to configure every little detail of the system via my phone for instance.

Setup was quick, they called me the next day with a tech and he had me press buttons to program in the phone number and account numbers, then test the sensors and such.
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