Motivational Interviewing on Myself
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I was recently introduced to motivational interviewing (MI). It looks awesome. I would like to do something like that on myself--like a daily journal that goes through MI-type questions to use at the beginning of the day in order to explore goals, feelings about them, strategies for achieving them, etc. Are there any scripts that I could use on myself? Better yet, journals that provide these questions in a pre-printed format? Any therapists familiar with MI who could help?

I know it's common for addiction and whatnot, but I think it could be really helpful for teaching me to be more mindful and not enter shame spirals about lack of productivity. Not much more to say. I really like the open-endedness of it and the encouragement to explore strategies to overcome specific stumbling blocks as well as coming up with prior evidence that can back up success. I tend to overthink things and am very good at coming up with reasons I will fail, as well as getting fatalistic about the smallest fuck-ups. I want a daily journal because frankly, I need the regular reminder and the constant engagement. Can anyone offer advice?
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You might find a worksheet that you like on Pinterest - here are some examples.
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Motivational interviewing is often taught to medical residents so a google search along that lines may bring up some resource lists.

Miller, Rollnick. Motivational interviewing: helping people change is the reference I've seen most often in courses

I found one worksheet on IHI. There's a lot of good resources aimed at educating physicians (for public health purposes/helping patients stop smoking etc) so I may start reading some of those.

That said I've only seen it as a counseling/coaching technique so it would be most useful if you found someone to pair up with.
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