Where will I keep my web comics?
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Digg Reader (like Google Reader before it) is shutting down, what reader would you recommend I replace it with? Or should I even try? Are RSS feed readers becoming a thing of the past?
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After a period of experimentation after Google Reader shut down, I've used Inoreader for years without a problem. I would highly recommend them.
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I've been happy with Feedly.
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The two I'm playing with and trying to decide between are Feedly and The Old Reader.
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Newsblur gets my vote. Been using it since Reader shuttered (after a stop at The Old Reader for a week or two).
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Seconding Inoreader.
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I just passed a year using Bazqux, and I've been very happy with it - It's very close to Google Reader, and it doesn't have all the extra *stuff* that Feedly has.
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I use Feedly extensively, it's basically my homepage. I tried The Old Reader when it was first announced and didn't get on with it, but YMMV.
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Newsblur for sure.
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I played around with several when Google shut down reader. Inoreader works great for me. From the ones I had tried it was the closest to Google reader and basically completely faded into the background during use.
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My friends and I use theoldreader.com because it is a pretty close approximation of Google reader in the sharing and commenting parts of that site.

I also use it mostly to read my web comics!
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Five years ago rolled my own with Tiny Tiny RSS
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Nthing Newsblur. I've been a paying member since Google Reader shut down and I've been very happy with it.
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Agree on Newsblur. The developer regularly adds nifty new stuff.
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I actually use Feedly at work, for sourcing/curating articles for my company's daily email newsletter. I was also a Google Reader refugee, and I haven't used anything other than Feedly since.
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Thirding or fourthing Inoreader.
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If you prefer something running on your machine Thunderbird works fine as an RSS reader, with the added bonus that nobody is going to shut down the service on you.
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Yeah, I too moved to inoreader.
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I did feedly.com for awhile but now on ino reader happily.
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Inoreader is great. It's even better when you find out what pressing W does.
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Feedly is my tool and I hardly miss Google Reader. I have a few RSS feeds for which I need an immediate notification, so I put them in the RSS channel at IFTTT and set it to email me. It is certainly not perfect, but I usually get an email whenever the feed has a new post. This is best done with low volume feeds, but there is a daily digest option for the busier ones.
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Thanks y'all. I looked at feedly back when and switched to Digg awhile ago -- I think because feedly kept bugging me to upgrade? I forget; it's been awhile. I'll look at all of your suggestions, including maybe extensions for Chrome (thanks for the idea, COD).
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I switched from Digg Reader to Newsblur.
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I am unsurprised to hear Digg us screwing its users again. At least you got a heads-up this time.

Anyway, as a longtime Google Reader superfan I was gutted when it closed, but Feedly has proven to be a capable alternative. It gets regular major feature updates, like a recent mute function for keywords and an inactive feed finder, and their tech support is highly responsive. The one downside is that some advanced features require a paid subscription, but that just helps ensure the service is sustainable long after the "free" services shut down. (Personally, I lunged at the $99 lifetime subscription when it was on offer a few years ago -- it's paid for itself many times over since!)
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I use Feedbin and I've been very happy with it. It also works in the Reeder iOs app.
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I switched from Google Reader to Digg Reader and now Inoreader. Going for a few days, liking it so far. Set your view to "expanded" and it looks and acts a lot like Digg Reader.

I tried out Feedly during the initial switch from Google Reader and got upset with the "you should read this (likely paid) article" additions they decided to insert into my feeds.
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