Looking for old comedy routine about how the moa bird went extinct
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In the 1980s, my local (northeast Ohio) public radio station had a stable of comedy recordings that they'd play on New Year's Eve. One of them was a 5-10 minute absurd stand-up routine about how the moa bird became extinct, probably from the 1960s. I don't know who performed it, but I'd love to find it again.
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I think I remember this too, and I want to say I heard it on Weekend Radio with Robert Conrad? Maybe drop a line to Weekend Radio's home station, WCLV, and find out if they have any searchable archives.
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Might be way off, but Douglas Adams mentioned the Moa in a talk he gave. It's not stand-up comedy, but he's standing up and quite funny...
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I think it's this album by Jim Moran. Timeframe fits.
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jessamyn: That's it! Thanks!
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