Tell me about your favorite songs sung by womxn/women, please
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For an International Womens Day radio program - bonus points if it's not sung in English.

I'm doing a music program on the local community radio station for International Women's Day. All day long, only femme-identified voices. I really want to get out of my rut - I'd be happy to just play recent Natalia LaFourcade or 60s am radio fodder, but I expect listeners might not be into that as much as I am.

Because it's prime time, it needs to contain no swears & not be prurient - ie, not prohibited by FCC obscene, indecent and profane guidelines.

Right now I have a few things, totally in the latin-american & world music genres. Please tell me about your favorite lesser-known alt-rawk, pop and world-ish songs. TIA.
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I like Seneca Falls by The Distillers, a punk outfit from Australia.
As you might guess, it's about women's rights. It name drops Susan B and Elizabeth Cady, and has a catchy refrain:
They cried"Freedom, rise up for me!"
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How about Youm Wara Youm by Samira Said, Ich weiß warum, by 2raumwohnung, or Salvador Não Inerte by Virginia Rodrigues.
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Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid or Supervixen
Marmozets - Move, Shake, Hide
Caro Emerald - Stuck or Tangled Up
Grimes - Kill V Maim or Oblivion
Röyksopp - Never Ever ft. Susanne Sundfør
BC Unidos - Bicycle ft. Shungudzo
M83 - Oblivion ft. Susanne Sundfør
The Go! Team - All The Way Live
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Madder Mortem are a Norweigan progressive metal band: Necropol Lit

Years ago I visited North Africa, and Oom Kalthoum was still all the rage. I present to you Oom Kalthoum.

I have a soft spot for so many things PJ Harvey; The Devil is especially haunting, Meet ze Monster especially rawkin.

Hope your show goes well! Let us know if we can listen on the internets!
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How do you feel about hip-hop/rap in Spanish? Here's some suggestions by way of an old post I made on the blue.
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Lhasa de Sela - that track is in English but much of her work was not
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I love Oumou Sangaré. For example Fadjamou.
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Les Voix Mystere Bulgare, the Bulgarian State Television Female Choir. A lovely choice is Dragana I Slavei (The Chant Of Dragan)
Девойко, мари, хубава/Devoiko Mari Hubava (Bulgarian) is a beautiful, sad song. This version is by Kitka
One of my favorite versions of Shto Mi E Milo (Macedonian) is by the Pennywhistlers.
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Fever Ray
Zola Jesus
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Lately I have "Oulala" by French-Chilean Ana Tijoux on repeat. Not sure if there are obscene lyrics as they are all in French.
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Second Wave Goodbye - War on Women
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OH! and Yelle by Ce Jeu
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All of Sinead O'connor's Lion and Cobra
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I am assuming that Miriam Makeba is already covered (and I actually have a different song in mind aside from "Pata Pata"). A translation of that song's lyrics is offered here; it's crowdsourced, so fair warning.

Karen Matheson's Rithill Aill is in Scottish Gaelic and is enchanting. (I got so into it that I used an AskMe to ask if there was a translation, and the group consensus is that basically it's Scottish scat singing.)

The Irish folk group Altan has a similarly-catchy song, Dulaman, which - as they once translated during a concert - is about a couple pieces of seaweed watching a woman swim. ....Yeah, I dunno. But I like the song.

Another Irish folk group - Solas has a song, Aililiu Na Gamhna, which is basically a woman who keeps cows talking about how awesome her simple life is. She has her little cabin by a river, she has her herd she keeps on a nearby field, the calves are cute, she has fresh milk whenever she wants, life is good. Solas has another song - in English - called The Maid On The Shore, in which a girl cons some pirates into taking her on board because "she's so lonely" - and then she gets them all drunk, steals all their gold, and rows back home.
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Oh - and throw in some Tori Amos or Kate Bush. But go with stuff off The Red Shoes for Kate Bush.
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Maria Mordasova, the pride of Voronezh.
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All in English, but here's a couple covers, if those qualify:

Holly Golightly - Box Elder
Downbeat 5 - Dum Dum Ditty

And some originals:
Visqueen - Mrs. Elder
Fastbacks - In The Summer
Best Coast - Let's Go Home
(not exactly lesser known, but still a stellar song) Sleater-Kinney - Modern Girl
The Raincoats - Fairytale In The Supermarket
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Awesome project! Not to nitpick, but "femme-identified" is not a synonym for "women/womxn." Not all femmes are women, and not all women are femmes. Please include music from butch / androgynous women like k.d. lang, Joan Jett, Toshi Reagon, Meshell Ndegeocello, etc.
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There’s a new Breeders album.
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Anything sung by Elis Regina (lots on Youtube), especially "Aguas de Marco," "Amor ate o Fim," "Madalena"... pretty much anything really. Elis vive.
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Angel Olsen - Stars
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Warehouse - Modifier Analog
Ibeyi - Deathless
US Girls - Mad as Hell
Priests - Pink White House
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Response by poster: Hey you all -
I'm totally enthralled with your suggestions and have been having to pull myself repeatedly out of rabbit holes. And I'm really only a little way through your suggestions! There is so much gold here - so much to love - THANK YOU! It's gonna be super hard to come up with a set-list.

@Rube R. Nekker - thank you so much! The show is on 8-10pm Pacific time, and you can listen live (or after the fact) - and the song list will be posted as well.

@ottereroticist - I was trying to be inclusive of all female identified people, and not so much about queer butch/femme dichotomy. Please forgive my clumsiness.
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Seconding Lhasa de Sela (RIP) -- she is such a wonderful, magical singer. And also everything by Martha Wainwright. Although I think my favorite song by her is the one must full of expletives ("Bloody Motherfucking Asshole").
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Are you looking for recent music only? If not:

99 Luftballons by Nena
Cumbia de la Mole by Lila Downs

Anything by Edith Piaf or Björk or tUnE-yArDs or Warpaint

And obviously Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé
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Mazzy Star - Wasted
What a voice.
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