Help me find this parody commercial about Adam Clayton
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Many years ago I saw a fake commercial, either on TV or on the Internet, that was along the lines of "Adam Clayton, Master of the Bass Guitar." I can't seem to find it. I want to watch it again.

It's probably not as good as I remember it being but it's frustrating me that I can't Find A Thing On The Internet because I can usually find everything.

Here's what I remember:
  • I think it was from one of those sketch comedy shows like Mr. Show or The State.
  • It was a joke commercial about how "great" Adam Clayton (from U2) is as a bass player.
  • It had lines like "hear Adam's signature techniques such as 'eight root notes in a row.' and stuff like that.
I am 100% sure it was about Adam Clayton. It was not Fred Armisin playing drums or "Phish shreds" or any of those other videos. It was about Adam Clayton, the bass player from U2. Of this I am absolutely sure.

It was short, probably 30 seconds or so. I seem to recall getting a chuckle out of it.

Note: I'm just looking for the commercial. I am not judging Mr. Clayton as a bass player or U2 as a band. Although I have my opinions about such things, this is not a thread about that.
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Response by poster: Adding: It was not about any other members of U2. It was not about Bono or The Edge of Larry Mullen Sr.'s son.

It is not the Bill Bailey "U2 sucks amirite?" thing.
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Best answer: Was it "Adam Clayton: The Solo Concert"?

(Poor Adam Clay-Two-Thousand-Pounds!)
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Response by poster: That's gotta be it! I guess I misremembered it. I also don't remember that cheesy laugh track.
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