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Asking for a friend. Is the Monterey Institute of International Studies useful as a path for a career change from Lawyer to Trade Policy/Economic Diplomacy? What else should he be looking at? Details inside

I reviewed the two previous questions on MIIS (here and here but both are fairly old and I was hoping for a more current perspective).

I'm helping a friend of mine brainstorm career change paths. He's currently an attorney with litigation experience from working in a state AG office. He doesn't like the time pressures and adversarial nature of legal work and is looking to make a change. He has an econ undergrad degree from a UC and a law degree from a T25 school.

He'd like his work to contribute to society in a meaningful way and is not interested in general corporate jobs, but also doesn't want to "be poor forever." In researching options he came across MIIS and is intrigued by their Master of Arts in International Trade and Economic Diplomacy with the though of being a US Trade Representative or working for the State Department in some capacity.

Is this a likely path for a MIIS graduate? Even one without a specific trade background? Looking at the current student profiles, it looks like they all had specific trade experience before enrolling in the program. While the employment stats look good, it's not clear that the degree is helpful to people who come in without relevant experience. Do people going to MIIS for a career change have decent outcomes after graduation? Or is this like a mid-tier MBA where people with good career experience going in may come out ahead, but people going in with poor experience come out with poor options?

Are there other careers or grad programs he should be considering instead that would provide the career growth and salary needed to raise a family in today's high COL cities? He currently doesn't have any student loans, but would need to take some out to pay for this program.
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