What does the cat say?
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A friend me got these ridiculously adorable cat stickers. I would love to know what the (Chinese? Japanese?) text on them says.

This image shows all the different types. Since they're paper, I can just go over the original text with a sharpie and then write my own text over that in white pen, but if I know what the meaning of the original text is, I can skip that step and just use them appropriately.
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First row: Hey! and Good luck!/Try hard!
Second row: OK! and Good morning! and Thanks! and Yay!
Third row: Sleepy! and [heart] and Good night! - the one on the left side of the heart saying りょ, I'm not sure what that means, it's not really a word. Possibly a slang abbreviation for りょうかい, "Understood!"/"Roger that!"
Fourth row: Tears, Thinking, OMG, Sweat.
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I can't go through all the images at the moment, but they are in Japanese. Using my way too old, kinda studied too young Japanese, on the image you linked as "this image" I can see at a quick glance:

- "Okay" (purple band with kitty doing thumbs up on the upper left corner)
- "Good morning" (red band with cat waving directly to the right of the "Okay" kitty)
- "Thank you" (the yellow-y band directly to the right of the "good morning" kitty that's also waving but winking,)
- "I'm sleepy" (purple band, kitty peeking out in profile directly under "okay" kitting on the left)

... and so on and so forth.
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This doesn't directly answer the question, but for future reference, Google Translate has a pretty good, if laborious, system where you can draw characters and it will translate it for you. (Back when Neko Atsume was only in Japanese, I used it to translate some cat names. This is why I'll always think of Tubbs as Mr. Satisfaction.)
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Came in to translate for you, but Jeanne has it :)
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Just for future reference, you can also use Google translate (and some other apps) to translate text straight from an image.
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