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My partner and I are looking for a nice vacation spot for our 5th anniversary. 'Restorative' is the word that keeps coming up in our conversations, so we would like ideas in that vein. Ideally not too much travel, (from SF Bay area) but we're open to hearing anything that made you feel like a new person. Aiming for a May trip.

We love good coffee and wine, myriads of food options and low-key activities that don't require too much planning. We value peace and quiet, modern amenities, and a nice view. We do like the occasional spa treatment but things like 'spa days' are not really our jam.

Also open to just hearing about activities that you find restful and invigorating as things to look for in potential vacation spots.
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I highly recommend a yoga retreat! I don't know that half of the USA very well but I'm sure there's hundreds!

There's also yoga retreats in costa rica that have modern amenities and are pretty neat, flights for ~$200 or so. Costa rica is one of the easier other countries to visit.

My SO and I just book a whirlpool suite at a hotel an hour away in any direction and play board games and go for walks. That's good enough for us!
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Just came back from 3 weeks in Mexico, half in Mexico City, half in Riviera Maya. Loved it. The food is amazing, there are many things to do on the spectrum from super energetic to super relaxing, the people are super friendly and fun, and it's fairly cheap.
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You can get direct flights to Kona, Hawaii from SF, which hits all your checkboxes except the wine. Easy to sit by the beach, if you want, or go adventuring. Some of the best coffee around, and some decent dining choices.
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Thinking about options close to you, a trip up the Sonoma or Mendocino Coast can be rejuvenating without having to make travel arrangements beyond getting in the car. I'm partial to staying in Elk, which is about ten miles south of the town of Mendocino: it's about three and a half hours from SF by car, involves a gorgeous drive through Andersen Valley (with its wineries and vineyards), offers spectacular and dramatic ocean views, and is way quieter/further off the beaten path than Mendocino proper.

It's a speck of a town, so there's no real night life and limited excitement during the day, but it's incredibly relaxing. There's a charming little store for groceries, a little pub, and a place that's open for breakfast and lunch. I've stayed at the Elk Cove Inn and Spa, and would stay there again.
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Palm Springs/Indian Wells?
I'm not sure how long the drive is from the Bay Area, but it hits your boxes. Amazing respite
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I follow Hotel San Cristóbal in Todos Santos on Instagram and it looks perfect, though perhaps a bit small; it depends on how much exploring you want to do. Todos Santos is an official 'pueblo mágico'.
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