African reviews of "Black Panther"?
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I'd like to read some reviews of Black Panther written by African film critics. Who should I read? Podcasts are also good. The reviews need to be in English.

I know how to use Google, but I don't know which film reviewers are the most interesting and reliable. I'd like to see in reviews like those in The New Yorker, and also academic ones. I'm particularly interested in a West African perspective.
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While waiting for someone to show up with links to full film reviews, you might find some interest in this interview with a Kenyan journalist about the movie, and his experience of it vs. that of his interviewer, an African-American journalist.
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The Africa is a Country blog has run a couple of posts about the movie from African as well as from diasporic perspectives, not exactly what you are asking but may be of interest:
I have a problem with Black Panther
Africa is a country in Wakanda
America's Wakanda
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Related but not a perfect match: 'Black Panther' Sells Out African Theaters -- Eyder Peralta is NPR's East Africa correspondent, and the movie's record box office numbers got him wondering how the film is going over in the region where it is set. He went to a theater in Nairobi to find out. (NPR, Feb. 22, 2018) Short "reviews" from movie-goers.

Here's a short review in Nigeria's Pulse media website, which also has an interesting article/listicle: 5 reasons why Wakanda is the ultimate African country -- Wakanda is the perfect mix of everything we want from foreign countries and the things we love the most about home.

Richard Bailey wrote a slightly more substantial review for African Seer, based in Ghana -- Black Panther review: Promises better things are to come
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My go-to for SA news and commentary is the Mail & Guardian. It looks like their Arts and Culture section has a few pieces so far.
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I'm not sure if this counts, but I really enjoyed "How Black Panther Asks Us to Examine Who We Are To One Another"
by Rahawa Haile, who is Eritrean-American.
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Black Panther as an African Kiwi.

Huh, didn't realise I knew her, I did a play with her once. Cool lady.
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I just came across this post by Nigerian writer Dare Segun Falowo about Killmonger.
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