How to make ASCII art display in HTML email cross platform?
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Hi, I run an event series that uses ascii art to advertise our shows each month in a email blast formatted in HTML. We send through mailchimp. The Ascii displays correctly across all browsers and mobile platforms except the Gmail android app. Any advice for how to ensure this displays correctly in the Gmail android app? Thanks so much.
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It might help to give a screen grab example of a correct display paired with the incorrect display on Android.
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HTML-formatted e-mail is an incredibly convoluted problem. If you haven't done so already, set up an account at Litmus, which lets you test your templates on everything.

Did you bracket the ASCII-art with the "pre" or "tt" tag? How did you set it up?
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second the tt tag
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It's set up as a table. I've tried the pre tag, but not the tt tag. Will try this! Thank you.
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Looks like tt is deprecated in html5, you may want to try some of their alternatives
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I'd try the <code> tag, too.
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according to the bottom of this article you can try making sure your <pre> are contained within <table> instead of <div>

another thing to try is
<div style="font-family: monospace; white-space: pre;">ASCII art here</div>
Hackier solution is to take a screenshot of your ASCII art and send it as an image (possibly to gmail users only).
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Seconding Litmus. And keep in mind that it's very difficult to guarantee that it will look the same across various email clients.
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Yeah... I work pretty extensively with different mail clients -- each one does different weird stuff.

I'd just send a screenshot...
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