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I'm looking for a good matchmaker in the New York City or Philadelphia area. I'm a successful career-oriented woman in my mid-30s.

I'm a very busy professional. I'm cute and kind, I'm very intelligent, and I'm well-read. I have lots of friends and good hobbies. I think I'm a pretty good person, and I make a good partner when I have had someone to date.

However, I've never found a man with whom to share my life. The men I've dated seriously have all been reticent and unloving. My last boyfriend told me he loved me only once, and I don't even think it was true (I think he felt bad for me because I tried to break up with him and said it was partly because he didn't love me). We were together for over three years and broke up about two years ago.

I don't want kids (but I would adopt), but I really want a partner and a family of some kind. And online dating has been an exercise in frustration and humiliation. My last date called me ugly to my face; if you have a bad date story, I can probably top it. Nearly every single Match, OKC, and Tinder date has been objectively and abjectly miserable.

So I'd like to hire a matchmaker, because online does not work and despite me asking friends to set me up, no one seems to know any single men. But when I google "matchmaker" I am overwhelmed. I'm looking for recommendations for a matchmaker that you or someone you know has hired and has had luck with. I'm incredibly busy and I also don't want to spend a lot of time and money trying to find a matchmaker.

I'm very open minded and easy going and like men who are ambitious, able to love, and are kind. Money is not a motivator for me but I do want to date someone who has drive, ethics, and intelligence.

I can Google and found lots of options, so I'm looking for a personal recommendation based on experience from people of any gender who have been happy with their matchmaking experience.
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A friend had great luck with Tovah Weinberg (featured in the NY Times). Matched her with a fantastic guy when she was about 40. I think she works exclusively with people who have a Jewish mother, however (so she's not an option for me).

I'm almost your age and in the same boat (even live in the same area) I feel you completely on the misery of the online dating scene. You're so not alone.
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Yelp has a listing of the best 10 matchmakers. There are a lot of speed dating events on Eventbrite.

I wish I could help more. Online dating in New York is pretty depressing. I've had to adjust my expectations and date casually, not for a specific goal. Memail me if you want to talk.
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I don't know anybody who has used It's Just Lunch personally, but it sounds like what you're looking for:
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