Start a social science club?
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Is it a good idea to start a club about the various social sciences, such as psychology, history, and criminology?

I find people really interesting and would love to be able to meet with a group of people to talk about the science of us. I'd like to host a meeting once a month. I figured that we could all read or watch something related to a social science before each meeting and talk about what we've learned.

I'm thinking about adding an optional, no pressure service project, say, once per season for those who want to go beyond discussing people and do something to help them.
I want the focus mainly to be on people, but I'd like to make some room for the discussion of animal mental processes and behavior, especially in relation to people (i.e, the effects of having a pet on mental health) but I also think they're interesting enough to discuss for their own sake.

It's easy for me to feel stifled, so I'd love it if we could talk about a wide variety of topics. Do you think this model will work, or should I focus on just one social science? Or even a sub topic within a particular social science? The social science I'm most interested in is psychology, and the psychological aspect that I'm most interested in is mental health. I find lots of things interesting, though. I think that some people might be more niche with their interests than I am, so I'm not sure if enough people would find a club like this fulfilling enough to participate enthusiastically. What do you think of my idea?
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I’d be interested in a club like that but my fear would be people would get into heated discussions and political fighting. I’d want some ground rules and a strong leader who could say sorry we are not tolerating racist discourse here...
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This sounds like such a neat idea! Personally, I would jump for a chance to join such a club. I think the nature of the social sciences is that because everything is so interrelated it's hard to just talk about one subject alone, so if anything you might need to think about what to do if the discussion starts to float to another topic - if you want to do anything at all to prevent that anyway, or just let it wander!

I'd consider looking into some basic group facilitation skills, and practicing them in regular conversations a little if possible. Those skills are very helpful for redirecting any potential unpleasant turns or rises in tension, and are just good to have in general really.
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Thank you both! I'll research leadership and group facilitation skills.
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