ISO Geometric Tattoo Suggestions
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I'm considering getting a nape-of-neck undercut, and a tattoo on the undercut area to go with it. I really like geometric tattoos. I really dislike cultural imperialism.

I absolutely love the delicacy and femininity of mandala designs, dream catchers, and mehndi art but I would not be comfortable putting any of those things on my body. I actually know very little about tattoos, so I'm hopeful that other people can help me identify some symmetric tattoo styles and specific examples I can Google for ideas before my artist consult. Thanks.
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I think you need to wander down the rabbit hole of medieval Irish manuscripts. Some of the artwork from monasteries in Ireland is similar in feel to henna designs. I am assuming you’re Irish, obviously.
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how about something based on fractals or snowflakes? They can be very delicate and symmetric and beautiful, and science rather than any specific culture.
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I think these are pretty sweet. Dotwork is another keyword.
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There is an Instagram account called @daily_minimal that might provide you with some inspiration... the artist posts an original geometric design every day and many of his designs would make lovely tattoos I think, and they don't carry any sort of cultural/religious appropriative context with them.
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Maybe there's something here: Perspectiva Corporum Regularium
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The Expanse has a bunch of neck tattoos that are geometric, sometimes lovely, and totally free of cultural appropriation:
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for visual references, check out:

sacred geometry might be a good search term in the tattoo world, and those shapes and designs are not strictly from one single cultural or religious tradition.
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What about checking out some of the geometrical adult coloring books?
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What about something inspired by Irish labyrinths? I love what labyrinths symbolize.
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There are Celtic mandala-type forms.
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endless knots
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When I saw the title I thought you were asking for isometric patterns which I think would be boss.

Also can’t go wrong with a nice penrose tiling
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You could get something from Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur.
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You might like Kris Davidson's work, though I don't know how to judge it from a cultural appropriation perspective.
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Thanks so much; I have never enjoyed the answers to one of my own Asks more. Would anyone be able to tell me what this style is called? I am planning to take that image and this image from zdravo's links to my artist to create something that isn't appropriated but is a geometry built from these concepts.
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Would anyone be able to tell me what this style is called?

Floral woodcut, I think? That's where my mind goes, anyways.
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Buju Tattoo, where my wife got her last tattoo, is pretty well known around here for floral line drawing work, it can look really amazing particularly if the line work is thin and neat. If you want intricate line work I’d advise you to pick a place where you’ve seen similar work to what you want, otherwise you will probably be disappointed- that’s what they told me at least :)
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