Best place to buy a standalone headboard / footboard for a bed?
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They sell them at Ikea, but only for queen size beds (I have a full/double). Amazon has a fairly limited selection, as does Wayfair, but I'm interested in hopefully getting something delivered in the next few days. I cannot find footboards or standalone headboard/footboard sets anywhere.
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Use a queen headboard for a full bed. It won't be that much overhang on each side and will look fine. Buy converter plates to attach.
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Check Craigslist which often has ads for full-size beds, especially Ikea. Just put "full size bed" into the Craigslist search box in "furniture for sale."
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I've bought a headboard (cash and carry) at a brick and mortar mattress store. Some furniture stores on the lower end of the spectrum, like Rooms 2 Go or Ashley, may also offer faster local delivery than a higher-end store - sometimes you can even drive out to the warehouse and pick up. Also, for a double bed you might find more selection in the kids/teens section.
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I like Costco since I can return it very easily if I dont like it. Not a giant selection but I trust them so much I always pick quality over large selection.
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Pier One has standalone headboards in full size, and they may have them in stock at your store nearby or they'll ship there for free. I bought one a few years ago from Pier One and I'm very happy with it. It was well-made and looks good and was easy to install on my metal bed frame.
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Any retailer with a 'teen' line will have them; here's Pottery Barn's PBTeen selection as an example. For these retailers, their stock and your location decide shipping options.
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Target has hundreds, too.
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Your local HomeGoods store might have some too (if there are any where you are.)
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American Furniture Warehouse has quite a few, and they deliver quickly.
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