Examples of great indoor mapping
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Does your workspace, public centre or visitor attraction have a great digital map? Point me to it!

I'm working on a project to create a map of a complex building that will help people find their way around. It will need to be quickly updated to indicate when a section of the building is closed due to a special activity, or to highlight where an event is taking place that day.

UX and design work is underway sorted, but I'm now looking into code libraries for presenting complex schematics in responsive layouts, with the ability to layer feeds of dynamic data over the top (eg location updates from our events calendar). There is a dynamic data viz aspect to this but I've yet to see an example that focuses on internal mapping.

Happy to look at any projects that involve maps, wayfinding, complex architectures or all of the above, but it would be great if you can say what specifically you love about any you'd recommend.
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I really like 3D indoor mapping. Here is a good example. Notice how they've also used colour coding.

Personally, I find this type of map is much more user friendly than a flat layout one dimensional layout.

http://www.bigsight.jp/english/download/public/BS.map.e.pdf (PDF)
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@jacobean - I like the map, but holy hell is that thing way too busy. If that style is used, it needs to be lettered or numbered with a schedule on the side or bottom.
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