Helpful resources for a mom of a trans kid
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What are some resources to share with a mom who has a kid, A, who has transitioned in the last year, who is under 10 and is facing some tough issues socially?

I'm a friend of a mom who has a kid who is trans. We live in a conservatish western state and I've already connected her with a couple of moms I know who have trans kids who can share advice. I've also shared the Genderbread person with her, the Transgender Law Center resources, etc. What other resources to share with the mom am I missing?

A is having a hard time in sports, not at school though, and also with close friends rejecting A at sleepovers and at social functions. The fact that her mom is so supportive is everything.
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See if there's a PFLAG chapter near you.
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Gendermom aka Marlo Mack's podcast "How to be a girl" about her young transgender daughter.
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GLBT Near Me should know about some organizations near you.
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UK site, but there may still be some useful resources on there: Mermaids UK
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Everyone is Gay has a broad mission about helping LGBTQIA youth, but their trans content is good, and their resource list might help point you toward some other local orgs.
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Seconding "How to be a girl" podcast, it's great!
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