Where to send an old Macbook for repair or to parts out?
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Recommend me a Macbook Pro refurbishing service. Thanks!

I have an old Macbook Pro which is in great physical shape but which started locking up last year in ways that make me suspect the video card or GPU was going. (It's not, luck would have it, one of the ones that Apple replaces the video card for free. I checked.)

I'd like to send it to a place that refurbs old laptops so that they can tell me a) what's wrong with it and how much to repair, and potentially also b) how much it's worth as a source of parts for other laptops. Tell me your favorite laptop repair shop!

Thank you!
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I can vouch for these people. They have been helpful, quick, and honest, and they do walk-in, while-you-wait free estimates -- even repairs on-the-spot, if it's something quick enough to fix and they have the time. Not sure quite where you're located, but they do offer a mail-in service if NYC isn't a workable distance for you.
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