How do I secure... my bread?
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Problem: I like bread. Unfortunately, so does my cat. She'll get into any cabinet or battable object to destroy a loaf of bread. I've been putting bread in the refrigerator to prevent her from getting access but would definitely prefer not to. Are there any solutions for storing a loaf or two in a way that is cat-proof?
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Bread box? Child lock on the cabinet bread is stored in?
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Fridge and microwave are the two we've come up with.
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Put it in a breadbox.
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What about a largish Tupperware bin?
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I have a giant sealable glass Pyrex bowl that I invert to store bread in, but that's because I don't want to buy a breadbox.
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I think what I would do is add a baby-proofing latch or strap to the cabinet.

But if you want something on the counter, a cheap tool box with locking clasps would give you the right shape and be cat proof. You'd just have to make sure any inside trays are removable.
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Literally a bread box! I always wondered what they were for!
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Just as a note: if your cat really really likes bread, and she sees that the fridge is where it lives now, she may eventually figure out how to get your refrigerator open. I have met cats who have learned how to do this; it usually ends in their owners buying locks for the fridge. So, finding a (heavy and perhaps boltable-to-counter/otherwise-securable) breadbox now may end up sparing both the quality of your bread and the security of your other perishable provisions.
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Bread box, definitely. I put a hook and latch on mine. I totally feel your pain. I have a dog and two cats and they are just as in to bread as I am.
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Bread box! We use ours to keep the bread fresh a day or two longer, it has a secretary-style sliding lid that I'm confident a cat couldn't open.
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My dog does this, I have a bread box and also I put something heavy on top of it.
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This is why my family got a breadbox when I was a kid. One of our cats was obsessed with bread. I remember going to the kitchen pre-breadbox to get some water in the middle of the night and seeing that cat chowing down on some bread while the other one looked on in concern. Breadbox with the aforementioned secretary desk top solved the problem
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1) Bread keeps better in the freezer than the refrigerator (and this would be harder for your cat to open, probably);

2) I have no evidence to back this up, but I wonder if making sure your cat has fresh greens / grass will help to alleviate the intense craving for bread. Cat grass does not make cats throw up, and it's an important part of their diet, though cats' desire for greens seems to vary from cat to cat. (It's easy to grow greens from some wheat berries bought from a bulk section at a specialty grocery, or from a seed packet -- but they are only good for 2-3 weeks before you need a fresh batch).
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If you search for "bread keeper" you will get links to minimally sized containers to keep your bread in. We have the kind with two parts that telescope together. No cat, though. We also have a sheet metal "bread drawer insert" of long forgotten provenance.
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We keep bread in the freezer, mainly because we can't get through a loaf of it before it goes bad. We almost never eat it untoasted - and it toasts up from frozen just fine. My guess is that the freezer would be harder to get into than the fridge...and if your kitty DID get the bread it would be just a frozen hunk, less interesting than room temp bread :^)
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Unless you always prefer bread fresh, toast is actually better from frozen and of course lasts longer that way. So nthing that as a potential solution.
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Even untoasted, frozen bread comes out fresher and softer and better-tasting than refrigerated.
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We got a breadbox for this purpose. Now our home is low-carb and wheat-free, so we put fruit and avocados in it. Because the cat also likes to eat fruit.
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Consensus here seems to be bread box, but I'll second the suggestion of in the microwave, if you have one and would prefer not to take up the counter real estate. I do it because my cat has a plastic obsession and just loves to eat the bread bag. Downside is you have to take the whatever out of the micro when you want to use it.
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Thanks, SemiSalt! Bread keeper seems to be the term I was missing--unfortunately, my cat's clever enough to open most boxes but pulling two items apart is beyond her motor skills.
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