Replace Samsung S4 with A5 or S7 Compare cameras? Other features?
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Mrs Maninuit's Samsung Galaxy s4 is biting the dust. We want to buy her a new Android phone.... She doesn't want to pay for a super top-of-the-line phone. She does do a fair amount of photography and video. Looking for suggestions and have a question or two...

We're probably deciding between a Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy A5 (2017). (Though it you think there's some killer great phone we are ovelooking roughly in that price range, let me know).

She does not feel she needs super-great features. Shei is on a bring-your-own-device plan, so she needs to buy the phone outright. We are in Canada (which affects availability and prices a bit...)

I think if she just gets a phone that's even a bit better than her S4 was in most respects, she'd be happy. I expect the A5 would match that in most if not all areas.

The one thing I fear is: I can't really tell from specs and reviews whether the A5 Camera might in some way be worse than the S4. Is better? Worse? A mix of both?

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The original Pixel is a great phone, w a very nice camera.
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I just got a new Moto X4 and I'm really pleased with it.
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