Armstrong Vinyl Tiles Needed
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I'm laying a floor with 12 x 12 Vinyl Composition Tiles and am short a few tiles. The colors were special ordered from the Armstrong distributor by the local supplier, so he has no singles, though he does have singles in certain common colors. Does anyone know of anyplace in the country where I might find single tiles in the colors that I need?
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I forgot to mention that I can only order these tiles from the local supplier in boxes of 45 tiles.
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I would just order another box I'd have extra should repairs need to be made in the future.
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Yes to ordering another box - we have a couple of boxes marinating in our basement, even though only a few tiles were used from each, after we tiled the kitchen. You wouldn't happen to need yellow or green tiles, would you? (apple green and cosmic yellow, IIRC) We did use some extra tiles lining under the sink and lining our shoe cabinet.
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Good idea to keep extras. It is standard procedure on commercial and institutional jobs - it is written into the specifications that the Contractor supply a percentage as "attic stock". Same with ceramic tiles.
Not a good idea to wait to the end to order more, as dye lots vary slightly in color. Should all be ordered at the same time.
Store your extra stock flat, not on edge.
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IF it really is just a couple - go to the armstrong flooring professional website(for architects and designers) and order a few there as "samples". If a rep contacts you- you might have to say your an interior designer at Vandelay Industries and need x# of 12x12 samples for a client meeting. But you might be able to just order online. They give these out really freely.

The color variation on VCT shouldn't be an issue. And don't order a ton extra for just a couple tiles, seriously there is no need.
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