What painting is this?
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It's the one above the fireplace from Mrs. Maisel. Here's a terrible screen shot.

Title, artist, etc. Thanks.
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Pretty sure it’s a Chagall, but I never saw it long enough to establish which Chagall.
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What episode is the screen shot from?
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Definitely Chagall. It's hard to find which one though because he was so prolific.
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I took it (when I saw it in the episode) as a Chagall, this is what an intellectual affluent Jewish Upper West Side of Manhattan family would own. The actual painting was likely whipped up by the props department and specifically to look like 'a' Chagall but not any particular one.
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I also thought Chagall, but it's not any of the 1018 Chagall works listed by WikiArt, so potentially a non-famous Chagall pastiche.
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Yeah, I was thinking Chagall too, but I’m not an expert at all. I couldn’t find it anywhere in large online Chagall collections, but man he was prolific. Google image search didn’t find a match either.

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I think there's copyright issues in duplicating an exact image - thus it the scenic painters get the job of making a Chagall-esque painting. I've known it to happen on other films. Thus, it could be this is an ersatz, a looks-like.
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Looks like a Chagall-alike to me, too. I do image licensing and was once asked for an image of a painting , which the filmmakers then said they wouldn’t use. It appeared in the movie mashed together with another similar one by the same artist and increased in size by about 500%.
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