Orthopedic (knee) specialist or sports medicine doc in NYC?
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I have a knee injury and I'm looking to find a local doctor to take a look at it.

I injured my knee last week and my physical therapist (who I see for another joint injury) took a look and thinks that I tore my meniscus and sprained my ACL. Her initial recommendation was to stay off the knee and ice it, but I now sometimes get some numbness in my foot, which seems like a sign that I should consider having the knee checked out by a doctor.

I can see my primary care physician, but IME, my primary care physician will have less knowledge about joint problems than my physical therapist and will just refer me to a specialist. Putting weight on the knee seems to make it much worse, so I'd like to skip the step where I make a trip to a doctor just to be told to go to another doctor and save a trip, if at all possible. My insurance will let me see a specialist without a referral.

If you recommend a doctor, please say why you're recommending the doctor and be as specific as possible.
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When I I broke an ankle, I was treated at Manhattan Orthopedics - I saw Craig Dushey who I really liked, though the other doctors in the practice have good reviews too. I have a walking-heavy commute and run regularly for exercise, so I was very concerned about long-term pain/stiffness - I felt like he really listened to my particular circumstances and worked with me to find the best treatment and rehab plan to get back to nearly 100%, which is important in orthopedics because there can be multiple paths to the same outcome.

Their office staff is really great, too, and the physical therapist they later referred me to after my boot came off was excellent. (I know you have a physical therapist, but I'm just mentioning it as another positive data point.)
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I am somewhat biased, but when it comes to orthopedics in the US, there is the Hospital for Special Surgery and there is everybody else.
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I've been to Riverside Orthopedics a bunch of time for my knee (injury similar to yours), my ankle, and my hand. I'm always very happy with the care I get there, both from the doctors and the office staff. I see Jeffrey Dermksian for the knee and ankle, and I've heard good things about William Schell, although I haven't seen him myself. Dr. Dermksian is a bit aloof but not unpleasant, and he spends a lot of time with you and explains everything very thoroughly. My ankle is at 100% now, and my knee is almost 100% (although it's a little janky after the Women's March on Saturday -- many hours of standing and walking).
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