Video/Audio Language Capture Software now in Beta--Forgot the name
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Have you heard of a language-capture software in beta that captures speech from recorded video/audio and works backwards to allow for text-based editing--recently described on a big podcast at the end of last year (D-something)?

Over the holidays I heard a podcast with a former CEO of Not sure which tech platform who's started a software company pioneering video/audio editing via text. (I.e., via line edits in a transcript.) Maybe the bigger picture is language capture software (my own term).

I would assume I'd made it up if it weren't for the fact that I visited the site in December. I seem to recall either the software or the company was named D-something.

I've searched all the podcasts the interview might have been on (Tim Ferriss, The Moment) but I'm not getting anywhere.

Is this ringing any bells? I was a fool not to become an early subscriber at the time and cannot find my way back to this.

Thanks for your help.
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Can you search your internet history and look at your activity in December? If you visited the site, it might be in your browser history. If you use Google and saving your search activity is on, you might be able to check your searches in your Google activity.
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Response by poster: Thanks, AppleTurnover. I tried this but unfortunately had cleared my browser history at some point during the last month.
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Best answer: Is it Descript?
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I remember hearing a story about that as well. My guess is it was on Reply All (but my internet connection is being flaky and not letting me search their episodes).
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Just after I posted I found the boingboing link:
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Was it Adobe VoCo?
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Response by poster: It is Descript. Thank you so much!!
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Cool. I just did a Google news search for "video editing text podcast" and found an article about Descript from December and figured that had to be it.
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