What should I make with my new stand mixer?
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I was delightfullly gifted an apple green KitchenAid stand mixer over the holidays, which I have long coveted. But now that the glorious object is sitting atop my counter, I’m a bit at a loss of what to make with it, especially on its maiden voyage. So, bakers and chefs of MetaFilter, what are your favorite recipes for both deliciousness factor AND for getting that precise satisfaction that comes from using a good tool to its fullest potential? Complication factor: gluten free and vegan (the latter being more critical than the former)

I’m sure it will enjoy a lifetime of mixing everyday batters and doughs and all that, but I want my first project with it to be an exceptional one, and one that really takes advantage of its powers (I have, up to this point, been mixing everything in every recipe solely by hand, so this is a big step up for me).
Some additional info:
- I’m not a particularly skilled baker or cook, but I’m an awfully willing one, so adventurous projects are ok
- I don’t have any of the attachments, so homemade pasta is not an option (yet!). Thoughts on which attachments are worth getting and which are “meh” are very appreciated!
- my kitchen is moderately-well stocked in other tools and equipment, and interesting/hard-to-find ingredients would be a feature, not a bug
- I am aware this is a somewhat frivolous use of an AskMe...but I want to make the most/best use of my new toy and I am unrepentant!!
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Aquafaba pavlova! You need xanthan gum for the best texture (the linked recipe doesn't call for it, but add a teaspoon along with the cream of tartar), but it's such a good project for your new whisking machine!

Maybe abusing the edit window to add photos of my finished product and the meringues before filling.
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You want Aquafaba.
I'm a fan of the meringues but if you're vegan + gluten free, try the waffle recipe.

Other things I thought of:
- mashed potatoes
- tamales (a stand mixer is practically required for the masa to turn out well)

I have the pasta extruder (meh), the meat grinder + sausage stuffer (level 10 foodie says absolutely, but not as useful for gluten-free + vegan), the citrus juicer (Yes yes a thousand times yes, that giant bag of limes will never know what hit it!)
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I just discovered making no-knead bread with mine. The recipe I use is whole wheat, but there are gluten-free recipes online. This one is vegan. Try adding raisins or dried cranberries and nuts.
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This is not a recipe recommendation for its first outing, so much as disappointment-prevention advice: If you do decide to try mashed potatoes in the KitchenAid, be careful not to overmix them, they get gluey and horrible. I didn't even know gluey was a possible outcome for mashed potatoes in my pre-KA lifetime, but, ... it is.

The only attachment I have for mine is the ice cream attachment. It's been nice because I got to experiment with flavors and stuff (peach + lavender is awesome). I'm looking forward to when cherries come in season this year and making some kickass sorbet! It is a bit big though (it's basically another bowl attachment, and you have to freeze it for 48h prior to use), so its score on the worthwhile-to-meh scale probably depends on your taste for frozen treats and available freezer real estate.
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I would totally get the ice-cream making attachment. Fresh sorbet is amazing!

As for it's first outing, how about the biscotti recipe in The Veganomicon? I like the almond and anise one, but there's also a chocolate-hazelnut recipe. The dough is stiff enough that it would be a serious pain in the neck to do without a mixer, but the recipe is straight-forward. I've made them as written (gluten-full) but i've also substituted a gluten-free flour blend, and they came out fine.

Otherwise, pizza crust? Homemade pizza isn't trivially easy, but it's not very hard and it's loads better than standard delivery options,* even if you don't have a pizza stone.

YMMV depending on local delivery options.
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I recommend the slicer/shredder attachment - makes latke-making a breeze! The juicer attachment is pretty great also.
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I have both the pasta rollers and the pasta extruder attachments, and I'd say, if you want to make fresh pasta (although I don't know what the landscape there looks like for vegan + gluten free), the pasta rollers are amazing, and the pasta extruder isn't worth getting. I've made a lot of great fresh pasta with the rollers, and the extruder, while fun in a "reliving one's childhood play-doh experiences" sense, isn't really worth it.
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Meringue pie!
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Yes the juicer attachment is great. And easy to clean, easy to attach so I actually use it. Gets ALL the juice out.
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If you get the ice cream maker attachment, this recipe for vegan roasted banana ice cream is WONDERFUL. Like banana bread ice cream, and really rich from the cocoa butter. Actually, next time I make it, I'll probably add banana bread chunks for good measure.
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OP specified vegan recipes as well as a preference for gluten free.
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Marshmallows! They are awesome, and cannot be made without a stand mixer.
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Wait, vegan? Nevermind. Sorry.
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I don't have a suggestion but rather a caution: I utterly failed with aquafaba, two different attempts with two different recipes on two different models of kitchen aid stand mixers. I was very disappointed. But I don't remember if either recipe had xanthan gum.

Pasta roller (and cutters) is/are worth it if you are into the idea, and there are definitely gf options for pasta dough. My boyfriend has made gf pasta on the KA pasta roller with amaranth, water, and a bit of xanthan gum and I think (separately) a second gf-grain but I don't remember right now which one.
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I use mine (also apple green!) to smash steamed root veggies, and also I found it is sufficient for blending the ingredients for McBitty's Bean burgers.
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