How much would having a show on SiriusXM cost?
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Not talking about receiving satellite radio. Steve Bannon was just let go from hosting his program from Brietbart on SiriusXM. It got me thinking that if someone wanted a show, there are a limited number of channels so the cost would have to be high.

Plus you'd have to be someone special for XM to give you a channel. So how much it is? Are there any numbers?
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XM is basically a cable television bandwidth company you need a specific receiver to get. The bandwidth can probably handle a large number of channels. Many stations rely on advertising solutions or they pay to be commercial-free. To get on the air, you will need to have an escrow account with a minimum of seven figures to essentially cover leasing airtime, similar to buying time on an AM or FM station, but with a channel on XM you will be paying for 24 hours a day of time whether you are airing anything or not. There are brokers out there who can sell hours in small towns for as little as $50 per hour. Many shows start as leased and then build revenue through advertising partnerships with stations or paid syndication via satellite.

Many people get on to XM by approaching an existing channel and getting attention through existing media. They are looking for passion, ability to convert listeners into followers, and reliability.
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