D&D/gaming baby gear/presents
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One of the guys in our D&D group is expecting a baby with his wife next month and we’d like to get him some presents!

I know there are a million onesies with “STR 1 CHA 19” or similar on them, and I’m tired of wading through them so I’m looking for other ideas - though if you know of a particularly clever/funny piece of clothing, let me see it! Doesn’t have to be clothing, any other D&D/gaming kid presents are good. I’m thinking a large stuffed D20 would be good - smooth surfaces, no choking hazards. What else? Thanks!
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A copy of Little Wizards, so he can start working on his very first campaign for the little one.
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I got a friend a stuffed D10, which was a hit. Been several years, though, so not sure where...
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A mix tape of geeky songs? (Not that I can think of any, other than maybe Puff the Magic Dragon.) But infants don't do much but poop, cry and sleep, so lullabies are instantly practical.
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In a similar situation years ago, we bought our DM a D&D onesie. I think it came from ThinkGeek, but it was almost ten years ago. I'm sure they still exist, though.
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Fuzzy dice!
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My partner very much enjoyed the plush D20 I bought her from Etsy.
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The Order of the Stick Cafe Press Store sells onesies. I'm partial to this one.
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Plush Cthulhu. There are a few out there to choose from.
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I just remembered that I actually asked this question here several years ago.
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Plush D20 was a huge hit in our house, my kids called it "number ball" as they got old enough to talk and cuddled it ceaselessly.
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Suggested in seasparrow's link, but worth reposting: Level 1 Human.
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