How do I find a CPA who specializes in dealing with authors?
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My wife and I both expect to be in the writing biz in a few years, which means dealing with the publishing industry (and therefore variable income) as well as freelance projects as they come along. We would like an account who will make the most of the good, the bad, and the ugly of this situation. How do we go about finding a CPA with that specialty? We're in the Pioneer Valley, western Massachusetts.
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I'd recommend Brass Taxes. Based in NYC, but they can work remotely and a lot of their accountants are also artists and know freelancing.
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Peter Desmond is a tax preparer in Cambridge, MA, who has been preparing taxes exclusively for freelancers for a couple of decades, a subject he also writes on professionally, which is how I first found him. I used his services for several years, and recommend him wholeheartedly. He is accessible, decent, honest, and kind. He is also highly knowledgeable and makes getting your taxes done a pleasant experience. To your precise question, most (all?) of the freelancers he works with work in and around the book publishing/writing/editing industry, as Peter is also a well-published poet.

You can find his contact info here.
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